How much does it cost to reseal a log home?

How much does it cost to reseal a log home?

Sealing and Chinking Repair The cost of resealing and repairing log cabin chinking can cost anywhere from $2-$5. For a typical 1,500 square foot home, the price tag for this type of log cabin maintenance may run anywhere from $3,000 to $7,500. Homes that are not maintained properly may sustain damage.

How do you repair a rotted log house?

How to Repair Log Rot

  1. Make a vertical cut on either side of the soft spot to the depth of the soft wood.
  2. Then use a coal or vibrating chisel and hog out the rotted wood until you reach solid sound wood.
  3. Level out the area to a flat surface.
  4. Coat the area with Shellguard RTU (borate) to prevent further expansion of rot.

Are log homes high maintenance?

Maintenance Concerns All homes require some exterior care and maintenance, but log homes require a bit more than usual. Once a year, the home’s exterior should be washed to remove pollen, insect debris and other dirt. At that time, the home should be checked for mildew and mold, which should be removed if present.

How often does a log home need to be sealed?

every 3-5 years
How often should I reseal my log home? The short answer is usually every 3-5 years but this can vary due to many factors.

How often do you need to Rechink a log cabin?

Log Cabin Chinking Repair and Maintenance Chinking should last for between 20-30 years, providing it has been applied using a correct technique with backing rods. The only way this can accelerate is if the cabin has experienced hot temperatures or lots of exposure to rain.

How do you restore a log home?

Log home restoration involves processes of caulking, log home chinking, applying borate preservatives, and log home staining. The first step of surface preparation takes a lot of work but is most critical in ensuring the stains and sealants work long-term.

Are cracks in log homes normal?

Cracks in your logs can cause some serious problems. However most cracks are nothing to worry about. It is natural for wood to crack or check as it dries and this is actually part of the charm of a log home. It’s that rustic, weathered look that makes them unique.

Are log cabins worth buying?

You can accommodate a residential log cabin in your garden or backyard or use one as a garage. They are also easy to install and erect, which not only helps you save time but also labour costs, this is another very good reason why investing in a log house is worth the money.

How do you seal cracks in a log cabin?

Apply a good quality, siliconized latex caulk (not pure silicon) into the check, bringing it out close, but not even with the surface of the log. Skim off the excess caulking with your finger or a putty knife, making sure the caulking makes a strong, consistent contact with the top and bottom of the crack.

Can you restore an old log cabin?

How do you rehab a log cabin?

Here’s how we did it.

  1. Step 1 – Find Decrepit Log Cabin in the Woods.
  2. Step 2 – Move It.
  3. Step 3 – Clean It Up.
  4. Step 4 – Put it All Back Together Again.
  5. Step 5 – Finishing.

How do I stop my log cabin from rotting?

How do we keep a log home dry and stop rot?

  1. Maintain a good finish on the exterior logs.
  2. Have adequate overhangs wherever possible.
  3. Have gutters in place and keep them in working condition, again –preventing water from ever getting to the logs.
  4. Free board – in other words: keep the house up off the ground.

Do log cabins need maintenance?

Maintaining a log home should be a bi-annual activity, specifically during spring and fall. Regular maintenance of your log cabin reduces the damage from UV, water, insects, and air infiltration.

How long can a log home last?

Log cabins have a long and illustrious history of longevity. They usually last twenty, thirty to even fifty years, if they are kept in good condition. They are even seen to stand for a century if they are located in a place that does not face extreme weather conditions and is properly maintained.

What to expect in a log home restoration?

Specific Tailored Instructions for Each Restoration Project – Our log home restoration crews benefit from the knowledge we’ve acquired from restoring over one and one-half million feet of log home

  • Restoration Project Start and Finish Dates
  • Price Guarantee
  • Sample Coatings Applied for Your Approval
  • Written Daily Exterior Cleanup Procedure
  • How do I restore my log home?

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  • How do you repair logs on a log home?

    First obtain a suitable replacement from a supplier that handles the same log type as found in you home.

  • Then cut out the offending log using a saber saw with a blade made for cutting metal.
  • If the logs are tongue and groove type then the new logs will have to have the tongue removed on top of the new log so that it can slipped
  • How to restore a log home?

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