How much does Mcdonalds cost in Malaysia?

How much does Mcdonalds cost in Malaysia?

McDonald’s Menu

Menu Item Price
Beef Bundle B (4-5 pax) RM 49.95
GCB Meal (large) RM 18.73
Double GCB Meal (medium) RM 22.50
Double GCB Meal (large) RM 24.40

How much does Big Mac cost in Malaysia?

“A Big Mac costs RM9. 99 in Malaysia and US$5.81 in the US,” the survey report said.

What does mcdonalds serve at midnight?

The items available after midnight include the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder burgers, Chicken McNuggets, All-Day Breakfast, fries and other sides, sweets and treats like apple pie, Happy Meals and McCafé beverages.

Who has the cheapest Mcdonalds?

The World’s Cheapest Happy Meal is in Pakistan Malaysia, the Philippines, and Egypt also price their Happy Meal below two-and-a-half dollars.

In which country is McDonald the cheapest?

Indonesia – Indonesia is home to the cheapest McDonald’s in the world.

How much is McFlurry in Malaysia?

RM 5.65
Dessert & Sides

GreenTea McFlurry RM 5.65
French Fries RM 4.25 (S) RM 5.20 (M) RM 6.10 (L)
Corn Cup RM 3.30 (M) RM 5.19 (L)
Apple Pie RM3.30

What time is mcdonalds breakfast Malaysia?

Breakfast orders are taken until 9.45am daily. Lunch/Dinner/Supper orders are taken until 2.00am. Prices of meals may vary with your choice of drink. The price of your meal will be reflected on your order form prior to confirmation.

Why is chicken not available after midnight Mcdonalds?

Beginning April 30, McDonald’s will be reducing the number of items available on its “After Midnight” menu, in an effort to streamline service for people who stop in for a bite to eat in the wee hours.

What’s the cheapest meal at mcdonalds?

How to Eat at McDonald’s When You’re Monumentally Broke

Item Price
1 Bacon Cheddar McChicken $1.00
2 Sausage Biscuit $1.00
3 McDouble $1.00
4 McChicken $1.00

Where is McDonald’s the most expensive?

Which country has the most expensive McDonald’s in the world? Lebanon – Lebanon is home to the most expensive McDonald’s in the world, according to a study carried out by Expensivity.

How much is Oreo McFlurry?

McDonalds Menu Price Categories

Item Price
Item Price
McFlurry with OREO Cookies (Regular) $2.39
McFlurry with OREO Cookies (Snack Size) $1.69
Strawberry Sundae $1.49

What is GCB McD?

A delicious grilled chicken thigh, topped with crunchy iceberg lettuce and smoky chargrilled sauce, served in a toasted sesame seed bun.