How much does Swamp Ash cost?

How much does Swamp Ash cost?

As of 1/1/2021, Swamp Ash now has a base price of $225.

How much does ash wood cost?

Please note the following:

Species Thickness Price Per BF
Ash (White) 4/4 $6.50
Ash (White) 5/4 $5.75
Ash (White) 5/4 $6.75
Ash (White) 8/4 $6.25

What kind of wood is Swamp Ash?

The term “Swamp Ash” does not refer to any particular species of ash (Fraxinus genus), but is generally used by luthiers to describe lightweight wood yielded from ash trees which are usually found in wet or swampy areas.

Where does Swamp Ash wood come from?

Technically, Swamp Ash is not a species of wood but a term for Ash that has grown along rivers, streams, creeks, bogs, and… swamps! Its roots are underneath the water table so the wood is super light. It is lighter weight than the Ash lumber produced by trees growing around less moisture.

What is the difference between ash and swamp ash?

Swamp ash in particular is lighter than its relative Northern Ash and has larger, open pores. It produces chiming highs, clear midrange and strong low end that lets higher overtones ring through, resulting in greater harmonic content.

Is ash cheaper than oak?

Hardwoods are very affordable. The price of a square meter of Ash or Oak is virtually the same, although Ash can be slightly cheaper to buy and is preferred by many to Oak.

How much is a bundle of ash wood?

$4.85 /bdft. Minimum quantity: 5bdf.

What is the difference between Swamp Ash and ash?

Is Swamp Ash a hard or soft wood?

Is Swamp Ash a Hardwood? Yes. Punky Ash is a hardwood. Because of the soft texture and low density of southern white instrument wood, woodworkers sometimes mistake it for a softwood.

Is swamp ash better than alder?

Sonically, Alder will produce more attack and presence with its emphasised upper-mids, resulting in it sounding a little bit punchier than Ash. Ash will give you a comparably rounder and slightly mellower tone with chiming highs that aren’t too bright.

Is swamp ash a hard or soft wood?

What is the difference between swamp ash and ash?

What’s the most expensive type of wood?

African Blackwood It is considered as the most expensive wood in the world because not only it is challenging to work with hand or machine tools, its trees are already near-threatened. But as expensive as it may seem, African Blackwood is worth the price.

Is Swamp Ash better than alder?

What wood did Fender use in the 60’s?

A small number of instruments with mahogany bodies were made in 1963 and 1964, and several mahogany-body instruments are made today. Many Japanese-made Fender instruments of the 1980s and ’90s had basswood bodies, but only very few models are made of basswood today.

What is swamp ash lumber?

Swamp Ash Lumber is a domestic Ash tree that grows in swamp areas of the southern regions that is much lighter, on average between 2.5 – 2.9 pounds per board foot. Our stock is 13″ & wider which is ideal for one piece guitar body blanks.

Does Fender still make Swamp Ash instruments?

Imagine how foolish Fender looks if they tell their dealers they cannot make Swamp Ash instruments anymore while competitors like G&L, Kiesel, Yamaha and Paul Reed Smith continue to crank out Ash production models. Of course, no one has a crystal ball.

How much does a swamp ash tree weigh?

High grade true lightweight Swamp Ash. Average weight 2.8lbs/bf. Available in widths 7-10 inches or 11 inches and wider. Swamp Ash Lumber is a domestic Ash tree that grows in swamp areas of the southern regions that is much lighter, on average between 2.5 – 2.9 pounds per board foot.

What is ash lumber made from?

This lumber is harvested from standard Southern Ash trees. The scientific name is Fraxinus americana. The softness of the tree’s texture and density of the tree’s fiber varies in relation to where the tree grows. Thus, wet conditions are an ideal for high quality wood growth.