How much does the metro cost in Shanghai?

How much does the metro cost in Shanghai?

Cost. Shanghai Metro has an excellent website with a fare calculator. Journeys under 6km cost ¥3. To go from downtown Shanghai to Hongqiao Railway Station or Hongqiao Airport costs ¥7; to go to Pudong Airport from the same area costs ¥9.

How many passengers can the Shanghai Metro carry per day?

Line 13 is the least busy, carrying 51,000 passengers per day. The Shanghai Metro is considered to be one of the fastest-growing rapid transit systems in the world and is planned to expand to 22 lines covering a total route length of 877km by 2020.

How do you use the Shanghai Metro?

How to Take Shanghai Metro

  1. Step1: Entering the Station. Step2: Buying Metro Tickets.
  2. Step3: Enter the Turnstile. Step4: Waiting for the Train.
  3. Step5: Getting on the Train. Step6: Getting off the Train.

How can people travel around Shanghai?

The best way to get around Shanghai is the metro. Immune to traffic (though crowding is inevitable), the metro is a fast and cheap way to travel within the city, and its extensive reach will put you close to all the top attractions and hotels.

How do people travel in Shanghai?

Taxis are widely available, easy to flag down, and a great option for getting around the city during the metro’s rush hours. Popular ride-sharing services, like Uber, are available in Shanghai as an alternative to taxis as well. However, the most recommended local taxi company is the aqua-colored Dazhong Taxis.

Which is the world’s busiest metro?

In 2019 New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) reported ridership figures of 1. 69 billion, with Times Square unsurprisingly ranking as the busiest station on the network that year (an enormous 65 million people passed through its gates).

Is there a subway restaurant in China?

Subway, one of the largest fast-food chains in the world, has 150 stores in China compared with McDonald’s, which has more than 2,000.

How long should I stay in Shanghai?

Shanghai don’t have a whole lot of attractions in the tourist sense. Two to three days is enough to cover most of it.

What do they call Subway in China?

赛百味sài bǎiwèi
Subway – FAQ’s How to say Subway in Chinese? (The restaurant!) The restaurant Subway in Chinese is 赛百味sài bǎiwèi.

How much does it cost to use Shanghai Metro ticket?

Ticket Type. Shanghai Public Transportation Card The Card is convenient to pay the metro fare. It can be used not only on the metro, but also on some public buses, ferryboats and even taxies. It is common for the new users to pay CNY 100 for the card, including a CNY 20 deposit and CNY 80 for use.

Where can I take the subway in Shanghai?

You can take a single subway line or transfer to other lines at some major transfer stations such as People’s Square, South Railway Station, Indoor Stadium, Xinzhuang, Zhongshan Park, Century Avenue and South Xizang Rd. A through ticket can be bought at your starting station.

Why do drivers in Shanghai use public transportation cards?

When a driver sees a customer is using an Shanghai Public Transportation Card to pay for their ride, they avoid the trouble as they know they won’t get any cash. Last but not least, ferries are a very popular tourist transport service. And with people constantly taking trips, getting tickets can be quite a hassle.

What is a single journey ticket?

1. Single Journey Ticket. It is a thin IC card which is endowed with a certain sum of money depending on the destination you choose. It can be bought at a ticket dispenser or from a ticket booth. The metro system has introduced electronic ticketing so you should carry some change.