How much horsepower can a LS6 handle?

How much horsepower can a LS6 handle?

A stock LS6 does have more power than a stock LS1. However, they can both make the same power with common upgrades. The aluminum blocks are not as strong as the iron block LQ4 and LQ9. But, they can be pushed to over 850 hp.

How much lift can LS6 springs take?

Chevrolet Performance 19420455 – LS6 LS9 Valve Spring Kit

LS6 LS9 Valve Spring Specifications
Description Installed Height Max Lift
Single Beehive 90# @ 1.800” 0.570”

What heads came on an LS6?

The 243 heads came on the LS6 engine produced from 2001 to 2006. It was typically found in the C5 Corvette, but it was eventually ported to the LQ4 and LQ9 to meet truck specs. The latter offered 6cc larger combustion chambers to accommodate the working style vs. speed and acceleration.

How much lift can stock Vortec heads handle?

around 0.420 inch
The factory Vortec heads use a light, single-wire valvespring with a damper that generates between 70 and 80 pounds of load on the seat. Because these heads are meant to work with a 1.5:1 rocker, their tall valve guides can only handle maximum valve lifts of around 0.420 inch.

What makes the LS6 special?

As earlier hinted, the LS6 is a modified LS1; thus, it has better features. Some of the features include an improved air intake and a higher compression boost output. Additionally, the LS6 has windows cast between the cylinder blocks. All the modifications make the LS6 more reliable than the LS1.

How much is a LS6 crate motor?

A gen 3 aluminum bare block (LS1/LS6) is around $1,150.

What did Vortec heads come on?

Starting in 1996, on several GM Trucks and Vans, the L31 Vortec heads came on the scene. Not just a modification of existing heads, but complete redesign using the 1996 Caprice/Impala SS LT1 cast-iron head castings as a base.

What is the max lift on Vortec heads?

Are 706 heads better than 862?

The 706Vortec heads are even slightly superior to the commonly found 862 heads. The reason is that the 706 heads are SPM (semi-permanent mold) made, while the 862 heads are sand cast. The SPM method is considered to be a more consistent process, but once you port the 862 head, any difference to the 706 head goes away.

What kind of Cam does a Chevy LS6 have?

The LS6 employed the use of a similar, yet more aggressive camshaft than that found in the LS1. This steel billet camshaft was rifle-drilled to reduce mass, and featured a valve lift of .525-inch intake, and .525-inch exhaust.

What are the specs of a Chevy LS6 engine?

Chevrolet LS6 Specifications 1 Horsepower: 385/405hp @ 6,000 rpm (2001/2002 and later) 2 Torque: 385/400 lb-ft @ 4,800 rpm (2001/2002 and later) 3 Compression Ratio: 10.5:1 4 Displacement: 346 cubic inches (5.7L) 5 Cylinder Bore: 3.898” (99 mm) 6 Stroke: 3.622” (92mm)

What is the difference between an LS1 and LS6 engine?

While the LS6 was built off of the LS1 engine it received numerous improvements. The LS6 featured a higher flowing intake manifold and heads, a new PCV system, higher compression, and various small block modifications. These modifications allowed the LS6 to produce approx. 55hp more than its LS1 predecessor.

What kind of heads does an LS6 have?

Fitted to the LS6’s engine block were 356-T6 aluminum cast heads, which were similar in design to those used in LS1 production. However, LS6 heads were machined in a manner that optimized incoming airflow through the engine’s intake ports, specifically when speaking of the ports’ short-turn radius.