How much is a Canaletto painting worth?

How much is a Canaletto painting worth?

Canaletto’s work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from 182 USD to 32,390,469 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork.

What was Canaletto known for?

Summary of Canaletto Canaletto was a sophisticated and prolific Italian painter known primarily for his vivid topographies of Venice, Rome, and London.

What was Canaletto’s real name?

Giovanni Antonio Canal
Giovanni Antonio Canal, known as Canaletto, was born in Venice, the son of a theatrical scene painter. He was very influential, famed for his precisely depicted and evocative views of the city (vedute).

Was Canaletto a rococo artist?

Canaletto and Tiepolo were possibly one of the greatest rococo painters of all time, and they painted many frescos and cityscapes (particularly Canaletto).

Is Canaletto a rococo?

Canaletto’s reputation as one of the finest rococo period artists has remained high ever since his death, and his famous landscape paintings of Venetian lagoons, canals and pageantry continue to command high prices at auction (eg. View of the Grand Canal from Palazzo Balbi to the Rialto).

When was Canaletto born?

October 28, 1697Canaletto / Date of birth

What type of artist was Canaletto?


Where did Canaletto go to school?

Venetian school
Venetian school. Venetian school, Renaissance art and artists, especially painters, of the city of Venice.

How is Canaletto painted?

Canaletto actually used the camera obscura to capture each small detail and reproduce the depth of spaces. His aim was not to reproduce reality, like a photographer would do a century later; rather he wanted to create a “reality effect” in his paintings.

How many paintings did Canaletto paint?

Canaletto – 181 artworks – painting.

Is Canaletto a baroque?

But between the dramatic opening of the exhibition in Rome with Caravaggio, and its quiet closure in Venice with Canaletto, the middle sections, dealing with the dissemination of the Baroque and its mutation into the Rococo, appeared confusing.

When did Canaletto live?

Giovanni Antonio Canal (18 October 1697 – 19 April 1768), commonly known as Canaletto (Italian: [kanaˈletto]), was an Italian painter from the Republic of Venice, considered an important member of the 18th-century Venetian school.

What medium did Canaletto use?

How many canalettos does the Queen have?

Most surprising of all is a series of five Canalettos of Roman views: of the forum and the Pantheon. You’re so used to seeing Canaletto’s style applied to the canals and palazzi of Venice that it’s a cheering jolt to the system to see it transported to Rome.

Where can I find Canaletto paintings in the UK?

Canaletto’s Venice Revisited is now open at the National Maritime Museum. This major exhibition displays the complete set of 24 Venetian views painted by Canaletto in the 1730s. The works, from the world famous collection at Woburn Abbey, form the largest single commission the Italian artist ever received.

Where did Canaletto live London?

Whilst in England, between 1749 and 1752 Canaletto lived at number 41 Beak Street in London’s Soho district. He remained in England until 1755, producing views of London (including several of the new Westminster Bridge, which was completed during his stay) and of his patrons’ houses and castles.

What materials did Canaletto use?

Royal Collection Trust conservators used a special camera to pass infrared rays through the surface of Canaletto’s pen-and-ink drawings. Some drawing materials such as ink, are transparent to infrared wavelengths, and the camera only detected the carbon in chalk or pencil underdrawing.