How much is a TAXI at A&R?

How much is a TAXI at A&R?

just $299.95
How much does TAXI cost? A Full One-Year membership is just $299.95. Just to give you a little perspective, a top music attorney will cost you more than $300 for just one hour!

What is TAXI music?

TAXI helps independent Songwriters, Artists, and Composers get their music to Record Labels, Film & TV Music Supervisors, Music Libraries, Music Publishers, Music Licensing Companies, Ad Agencies, and Video Game Companies.

How do I submit a song to TAXI?

Go to and log in via the log in box in the blue side bar on the right. After logging in, click “Submit Music” (also in the side bar on the right). You are now looking at the new TAXI submission page.

How do I cancel my TAXI music membership?

To cancel this contract, mail or deliver or send by facsimile transmission a signed and dated copy of the following cancellation notice or any other written notice of cancellation to: TAXI at 5010 N. Parkway Calabasas, Suite 200, Calabasas, CA 91302, fax number (818) 888-8811, email [email protected].

Are musician taxis worth it?

Taxi is a legit platform that helps artists around the world make money by getting in touch with music professionals and agencies. So many musicians have worked with them and found their way to the music industry. By paying around $400 a year, you can enter the music industry. This saves both your time and money.

How much does taxi music cost per year?

Taxi Music Cost In order to become a member of Taxi Music, you need to pay $299.95 annually. You will purchase their membership plan after paying this amount. This membership will continue for a year from the day you joined. Every year after that, you have to pay $199.95 as renewal charges.

How does taxi A&R work?

Taxi works by informing the artists, songwriters and composers of the opportunities available to them. Various recording labels, Ad agencies, music publishers, music libraries and film and TV supervisors inform Taxi Music of the type of songs, instrumental tracks and artists they require from them.

How much does TAXI music cost per year?

How does TAXI A&R work?

What does a song plugger do?

Song pluggers are musical matchmakers who pitch compositions to recording artists and record label teams in the hopes of making a hit.

How do song pluggers get paid?

Independent song pluggers are individuals who are paid a monthly fee—a retainer—to pitch songs. Many of them were formerly employed as music publishers or A&R executives. In the event that a plugger places a song, he or she typically does not share in ownership of the copyright or the publishing income.

How much does a song plugger cost?

Song Plugger – ($200 – $500 or more per month) – A song plugger is someone who will pitch your songs to the industry for a monthly fee. They also sometimes take a percentage of your writer’s royalty.

How do you pitch a song to a supervisor?

How to Get Heard By A Music Supervisor

  1. Do your Research.
  2. Know Your Target.
  3. Perfect Your Song Production Skills.
  4. Be Selective.
  5. Send Download Links.
  6. Send High-Quality MP3’s.
  7. Make sure your metadata is properly filled out.
  8. Work With a Sync Rep.

Do song pluggers still exist?

There are about 600 song-pluggers in the U.S.; they have their own union; they are powerful enough to bar all outsiders; and they command fees up to $35,000 a year [worth $357,149 today] plus unlimited expense accounts.

Is A&R Taxi legit?

Taxi is a legit platform that helps artists around the world make money by getting in touch with music professionals and agencies. So many musicians have worked with them and found their way to the music industry. By paying around $400 a year, you can enter the music industry.

How do I sell my music to a movie?

Music sync licensing is basically placing one of your songs in a YouTube video, on a TV show, in a film or in a video game. In exchange, you get paid a synchronization fee upfront and, depending on where and how often the track is played in public, on TV, for example, you also get paid royalties.

How much does it cost to license a song?

If it is a song by a small independent artist, the cost of a license could be between $50 and $150. However, if you’re looking to license famous songs by top artists, the price can skyrocket to several thousand dollars without any problem.

Can a taxi member have their music on TV?

As a matter of fact, our members have had their music on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MTV, HBO, CNN, PBS, ESPN, Showtime, Nickelodeon, Discovery, and just about any other network you can think of. And they got it there by TAXI! Can I sign up as a publishing, management, or production company, and send in material for several people under my membership?

How much do taxi members get paid for signed songs?

Dozens of TAXI members have signed buyout deals with this company. Several have even received upfront checks for $10,000 to $15,000 (or more!). Deal sizes and buyout amounts vary depending on the quantity and quality of the Songs signed. Make sure your Songs were actually recorded BETWEEN 1970 and 1989, otherwise this company cannot use them!

When do I need to submit my song to taxi?

Submissions must be received no later than 11:59 PM (PST) on Friday, February 11th, 2022. TAXI # S220211RB Several ALTERNATIVE ELECTRO/POP SONGS with Male or Female vocals are needed by a Music Licensing Company that specializes in music for content creators as well as TV shows and Film projects!

What is licensing of music?

Licensing means granting permission for the use of one’s music to which you own the copyright. Certainly the goal of an artist who writes their own music (a la the copyright owner) is to maximize the revenues generated by the musical composition.