How much snow does Treble Cone get?

How much snow does Treble Cone get?

5.5 metres
Treble Cone, Wanaka Renowned for dry powder and plenty of it, Treble Cone receives an average annual snowfall of 5.5 metres and has an average maximum snow depth of 3.25 metres.

Is Treble Cone good for beginners?

Treble Cone has great learner facilities for children and adults designed to ensure progression to more challenging terrain. The Nice and Easy Platter is perfect for beginner skiers and snowboarders. Easy rider in our home basin is a popular learner (green zone) run that boasts some superb views.

Is Treble Cone good for snowboarding?

Known for its long and uncrowded groomed runs, outstanding off-piste terrain, stunning views and consistent snow, Treble Cone is a must-do experience for skiers and snowboarders.

Who owns Treble Cone ski?

TC Investments owns the Treble Cone assets and operates the Treble Cone ski area. Treble Cone is located outside Wanaka and was founded in 1968 by Murray Raffills and Ralph Markby. The current shareholders acquired Treble Cone in 2002. 21.

Can you drive up Treble Cone in summer?

Now we’ve completed our post-season pack down, scroggers, trampers, climbers, pilots and sight-seers can access Treble Cone throughout Spring and Summer.

How steep are Treble cones?

Treble Cone has a vertical rise of 700m creating the longest runs in Queenstown Southern Lakes District, including the 4 km High Street to Easy Rider beginner to intermediate groomed run.

Which mountain is best for snowboarding NZ?

Coronet Peak Coronet Peak is near Queenstown in the South Island which is arguably the snowboarding capital of New Zealand.

How much did Treble Cone sell for?

The Cardrona Alpine Resort is offering to buy the Treble Cone skifield for $7 million, plus 20 years’ free skiing for some shareholders. Treble Cone Investments Ltd board chairman Don Fletcher yesterday released a letter sent to the 59 shareholders on Tuesday.

What is the biggest ski resort in NZ?

ski resort Whakapapa – Mt. Ruapehu
The ski resort Whakapapa – Mt. Ruapehu is the biggest ski resort in New Zealand. The total slope length is 44 km.

Do you need a 4WD for Cardrona?

4WD or AWD vehicles are highly recommended for our alpine road in winter. All vehicles should carry chains. Our road crew staff monitor the access road during operating hours to make sure traffic is flowing and to assist any vehicles/drivers requiring help.

Can you stay on snow in NZ?

Can you stay on snow in New Zealand? Yes, you can stay on snow at Cardrona Alpine Resort. However, on-mountain apartments book up far in advance, so most skiers stay in Wanaka and drive up to Cardrona to ski each day. Plus, there are far more opportunities for apres-ski in Wanaka.

What height is Treble Cone?


Treble Cone
Top elevation 2088m
Base elevation 1250m
Lift capacity 6200 skiers
Terrain parks 2

Where is the best snow in NZ?

Below we have listed a few places to get the most of snowfall in New Zealand during the winter.

  1. Lake Wanaka. Source Lake Wanaka is one of the most exotic locations to experience snowfall in New Zealand and enjoy winter at its best.
  2. Tongariro Alpine Crossing.
  3. Mt.
  4. Arthur’s Pass.
  5. Mt.
  6. Mt.
  7. The Remarkables.
  8. Roys Peak.

What is the biggest ski field in NZ?

The ski resort Whakapapa – Mt. Ruapehu is the biggest ski resort in New Zealand. The total slope length is 44 km.

Who owns Cardrona ski field?

Stage 2 of the plan was set for the 2011 winter and added snowmaking. The lift has opened every winter from 2011 onwards. In 2013, New Zealand company Real Journeys purchased Cardrona Alpine Resort. Along with Real Journeys, Cardrona became part of the privately-owned Wayfare Group, subsequently rebranded as RealNZ.

What is the longest ski run in NZ?

About Coronet Peak Ski Resort

  • Longest run: 2.4km.
  • Facilities: Fully licensed restaurant, bar and cafe, rental shop, childcare, airbag operating weekends and night skiing hours.
  • Highlights: An easy 20 minutes from picturesque Queenstown, Coronet Peak is perfect for serious action or sharing great times.

Why does it snow in New Zealand not Australia?

New Zealand mountains are higher than Australia and on average, tend to receive more amounts of snow fall than Australia. If the wind comes from the North, it’s tropical and if it comes from the South, it’s from Antartica.

Who is Treble Cone?

Founded by Rod Aubrey, Murray Raffills (Raffills Ridge namesake) and Ralph Markby in 1968, Treble Cone started out as a small club field managed by local ski enthusiasts.

Where is Treble Cone ski area?

Treble Cone is the closest ski area to Wanaka, New Zealand. Treble Cone is the largest ski area in the South Island, boasting the longest vertical rise in the Queenstown Southern Lakes District.

How do I get to Treble Cone?

to Treble Cone. Treble Cone is accessible outside the winter operating period. Treble Cone is accessible outside our Winter operating season. The gate to the mountain road is locked and access is managed through the Zero Harm app.