How old is Apple Bloom from MLP?

How old is Apple Bloom from MLP?

An audition script that uses Gilda’s original name, Grizelda, lists Apple Bloom’s age as seven and gives her the description “Apple Bloom is an ‘every girl’.

Does Apple Bloom get a cutie mark?

In the episode Crusaders of the Lost Mark, she earns her cutie mark, a shield with a heart shaped apple in it.

Do Cutie Mark Crusaders ever get their cutie marks?

Instead of worrying about it alone, they came together to form the ultimate support team: THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS. After a series of trials, the Crusaders successfully acquired their cutie marks and set out to prove their worth. Receiving a cutie mark doesn’t mean they’re done figuring everything out, of course.

What episode does Apple Bloom get a lot of cutie marks?

The Cutie Pox
Season episode โ„–: 6
Overall episode โ„–: 32
Original airdate: November 12, 2011
Written by: Amy Keating Rogers

Who did Apple Bloom marry?

Here, Apple Bloom falls for Diamond Tiara after she confesses her love to her. They are married, but have no kids.

What is Pip’s cutie mark?


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Coat ยค White with grayish brown spots
Nicknames Pip
Relatives Mum
Cutie mark None

What is Sweetie Belle’s cutie mark?

The G3 Sweetie Belle’s cutie mark is a sparkling pink heart. Mostly seen in the Core 7 serials, she is the youngest pony in the group, who is portrayed as having a big heart and being an expert baker.

Who did Fluttershy end up with?

Soarin and Fluttershy end up falling for each other, much to the enragement of Rainbow Dash. This ends up making Rainbow Dash completely betray her element and leaves her friends to a different safe zone, but Fluttershy ends up marrying Soarin.

Is Zipp a girl?

Princess Zipp Storm, full name Zephyrina Storm, is a female Pegasus pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony: A New Generation and My Little Pony Generation 5.

Did Scootaloo ever learn to fly?

Unlike most foals her age, Scootaloo hasn’t been able to master flying. In Ponyville Confidential, she flaps her wings to no avail when she falls out of a tree. Despite her limited flying skills, she is able to masterfully use her wings for propulsion and various stunts on her scooter.

Is Scootaloo handicapped?

Our first and most beloved disabled pony is Scootaloo, daughter of an adventurer couple and one of the three original Cutie Mark Crusaders. Her wings are underdeveloped, so she can’t fly. It is also shown that when she grows into a full-grown mare her wings will still remain unchanged.

Who did Big Mac marry?

Sugar Belle
Eventually, Big Mac and Sugar Belle both propose to each other, and they get married at the end of the episode. Big Mac getting married to Sugar Belle.

Who did discord marry?

AU, Fluttershy is married to Discord and has a son, Jet Lag, with her. A few years before Jet, both species adopted Scootaloo as a daughter. Being that this is an anthro’s-only verse, Fluttershy stands at about 5’7โ€ and has a very lanky build.

Who is Sunny’s dad in My Little Pony?

Argyle Starshine
Argyle Starshine was a male Earth pony in the fifth generation of My Little Pony and the late father of Sunny Starscout.