How old is Stephen Kaufer?

How old is Stephen Kaufer?

How old is Stephen Kaufer? Stephen Kaufer is 57, he’s been the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of TripAdvisor since 2011.

How much is Stephen Kaufer worth?

$54.3 Million
Kaufer founded TripAdvisor in 2000 with Langley Steinert, and has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company since then, announcing his retirement in 2022. Kaufer is known as a longtime critic of Google for “dominance in internet gatekeeping”. In July 2021, his estimated Net Worth was $54.3 Million.

Who is the owner of TripAdvisor?

Stephen Kaufer (Feb 2000–)Tripadvisor / CEO

When was TripAdvisor founded?

February 2000, United StatesTripadvisor / Founded

Founded in 2000 by Stephen Kaufer and Langley Steinert, Boston-based TripAdvisor is a travel website that provides reviews and other information for consumers about travel destinations around the world.

What is the revenue of TripAdvisor?

604 million USD (−61%, 2020)Tripadvisor / Revenue

What is the revenue of Tripadvisor?

Is TripAdvisor still in business?

The company’s most notable brand,, reached 463 million average monthly unique visitors in 2019. In December 2020, the website drew 90.2 million visits, and the Tripadvisor app was among the top 10 travel apps in 26 countries as of January 2021.

Why was TripAdvisor founded?

Tripadvisor was founded by Stephen Kaufer, Langley Steinert, Nick Shanny, and Thomas Palka in February 2000. Steve co-founded Tripadvisor in 2000 with the mission to help travelers around the world plan and book the perfect trip.

What is TripAdvisor net worth?

TripAdvisor net worth as of June 02, 2022 is $3.38B. TripAdvisor, Inc., being one of the largest online travel research companies in the world, provides a platform for users to share reviews, ratings and opinions on hotels, destinations, attractions and restaurants.

Is TripAdvisor a big company?

Revenue. $945M. $945M.

  • Assets. $1.5B. $1.5B.
  • Profits. $205.4M. $205.4M.
  • Is TripAdvisor a Fortune 500 company?

    With its 500 million reviews, TripAdvisor sways more than 40% of global online hotel reservations, according to ComScore studies….Company Information.

    Overall Score 3.6
    Sector Retailing
    Industry Internet Services and Retailing
    CEO Gregory B. Maffei

    Is TripAdvisor doing well?

    As the biggest travel advisor online, TripAdvisor has 490 million monthly active users. The platform continues to rank as number 1 in the Travel and Tourism category in the US. The company generates revenue of $1.62 billion worldwide. TripAdvisor ended 2018 as one of the best-performing stocks in the S&P 500.

    Who owns trivago?

    Expedia Group
    Expedia Lodging Partner S.a.r.lExpedia Lodging Partner Services Sarl
    trivago N.V./Parent organizations

    What is better than TripAdvisor?

    Best 9 Sites Like TripAdvisor

    • Flipkey. (
    • Orbitz. (
    • Hotwire. (
    • Expedia. (
    • (
    • Travelocity. (
    • (
    • Trivago. (

    Who still uses TripAdvisor?

    Tripadvisor’s revenue and the impact of COVID-19 operates several travel brands that include: Cruise Critic, TheFork, Jetsetter, HouseTrip, and Viator. The company currently maintains an online presence across the world, from Europe to the Pacific, with most of Tripadvisor’s revenue coming from the United States.

    What company owns Expedia?

    Expedia logo
    Type of business Subsidiary
    Type of site Travel agency Metasearch engine
    Available in English
    Owner Expedia Group

    Does anyone still use TripAdvisor?

    Is there another site like TripAdvisor?

    Trivago is one of the websites like TripAdvisor, in that it shows users the lowest prices for booking hotels by compiling all of the major booking websites’ offers.

    How many restaurants are on TripAdvisor?

    5.2 million restaurants
    It features approximately 859 million reviews and opinions on approximately 8.6 million establishments—including 1.4 million hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts and specialty lodging, 842,000 rental properties, 5.2 million restaurants, and 1.2 million travel experiences worldwide.