Is a CGC 9.5 a PSA 10?

Is a CGC 9.5 a PSA 10?

Post by qwachansey on Nov 3, 2020 at 10:52am Depends on the subgrades, which is why this is misleading argument. There is a strong case that majority of CGC/BGS 9.5/9.5/10/10 are stronger than average PSA 10, but most 9.5/9.5/9.5/9.0 are not.

How much does it cost to grade a comic?

How Much Does CGC Grading Cost?

Submission Tier Max Value Fee Per book
Standard $1,000.00 $65.00
Economy $400.00 $38.00
Value $200.00 $27.00
Modern (1975 – Current) $200.00 $20.00

How do you get a comic book graded?

Take your comics to a larger convention Both CGC and CBCS setup at most major conventions, where they can verify signatures on-site as well as accept your comics for grading. This option saves you from packing, shipping, and insuring your comics just to get them there.

Is CGC grading good?

I can honestly recommend CGC for comics. They’re a good service and I’ve never had a problem. They’re also the standard for the industry imo. I’d be willing to bet that any serious collector of cards/tcg would pay more for a PSA 9 than a CGC 9.5.

Why are panels used in comics?

A “panel” in a comic book in one part of a comic book page. Typically a comic book page is made up of individual panels that, when put together, tell a story in sequential order. The comic panel would be the most important part of the scene to convey the most information visually.

Does CGC grading increase value?

Raw Comic Values. All it takes is a quick eBay search to see that high-grade CGC comics will always sell for more than their raw counterparts. Depending on the scarcity and popularity of the book, a CGC graded issue can sell for as much as three to four times that of a raw book that’s listed in the same grade.

Are comic books worth money?

Almost all comic books have the retail cover price at the time of publication on the cover. The valuable ones will have 10c, 12c, 15c, 20c, or 25c on the cover. Most comics that say 30c or higher on the cover are of later vintage and have limited value. As with most things, there are exceptions.

Where is CGC grading located?


Are 90s comics worth anything?

Although the end of the 20th century was a troubling time for the comic book industry, some comics from the ’90s are worth the kind of money that would make Bruce Wayne take notice. But the most important ’90s comics in terms of storytelling and character development aren’t necessarily the most valuable.

What’s the difference between a graphic novel and a comic?

Graphic novels are longer than comic books. Graphic novels contain complete narratives, whether or not they are part of a larger series. Comic books contain excerpts of serialized narratives. It can be difficult to read a comic book if you haven’t read the comic that comes directly before it in series.

How do you identify a comic book?

Identifying a comic book is not as easy as just looking at the cover. The easiest way to find the exact title, issue number, and publication date for your comic book is to look for the indicia, the block of small type which is usually located inside the front cover or on the first page.

How big should a comic panel be?

16.84 x 26.01 cm

How many panels is a comic strip?

Generally, one comic page has between five and nine panels per page (although one-panel “splashes” can be used to great effect). It’s important to keep in mind that the more panels there are on a page, the smaller they are going to have to be, and vice versa.

What are panels in comic?

The panel is the border that wraps around a single moment in a comic. Its job is to contain an illustration that puts forth an idea. The contents of each panel should be a complete thought, but sometimes the thought you need for a panel can fill a paragraph or be as short as a single word.

What is a comic book called?

A comic book, also called comic magazine or (in the United Kingdom and Ireland) simply comic, is a publication that consists of comics art in the form of sequential juxtaposed panels that represent individual scenes.

What is a comic writer called?

A cartoonist (also comic strip creator, comic book artist, graphic novel artist, or comic book illustrator) is a visual artist who specializes in drawing cartoons (individual images) or comics (sequential images).

What should my comic be about?

Leave this field empty if you’re human:

  • Tell Your Life Story. Select a character to represent you and speak for you as you talk about yourself, your life story and your interests.
  • Travel to A Mysterious Place.
  • Making Wishes Come True.
  • A Day at Work.
  • A Day at School.
  • Write a Love Story.
  • A New Fairy Tale.
  • Create a Song.

What is a 4 panel comic strip?

Yonkoma manga (4コマ漫画, “four cell manga” or 4-koma for short), a comic strip format, generally consists of gag comic strips within four panels of equal size ordered from top to bottom.

Is CGC better than PSA?

Overall, a PSA 10 is going to be better and sold for more than a BGS 9.5 or CGC 10. Although it becomes more subjective when you get to lower grades when grading cards. You don’t have to stick with one over the other when grading cards.

How long does CGC grading take?

0 to 53 days

How do you know if a comic is rare?

The Top Five Ways to Tell If Your Comic Is Valuable

  1. Age. Aaron Albert. One of the first things you should look for to determine the value of a comic book is its age.
  2. Low Issue Number. Gary Dunaier / WikiCommons.
  3. Grade. Dave / Flickr.
  4. Popular Characters. Hulton Archive / Getty Images.
  5. First Appearances. Copyright Marvel.

How can you tell if a comic is a first print?

The first 3 numbers 001 indicate the issue number. The fourth number indicates the cover; a 1 is the regular cover. If it was a 2 or 3 it would mean this issue has a variant cover. The fifth and final number tells you the printing, with 1 meaning the issue is a first printing.