Is Bahubali the best film in Indian history?

Is Bahubali the best film in Indian history?

Bahubali2 sets an Example for every Filmmaker in India that how to make a Complete Commercial film for all kind of audience. Almost all Highest grossing Indian films had quality and that quality was converted into commercial success but Bahubali does not have Quality, instead It Is The Best Commercial Film in The History Of Indian Cinema.

Who are the Bahubali characters and their real name?

Devasena is the lead female character of the Baahubali franchise along with Sivagami. Princess of Kuntala Kingdom, Devasena is a skilled fighter and a great archer. Amarendra Baahubali falls in love with her during a visit to Kuntala kingdom. Devasena reciprocates in her feelings toward him.

Is Bahubali dubbed in English?

No, there is no English dubbed Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017 movie) . Although movie shoot in Telugu and Tamil and later dubbed into Hindi, Malayalam, Japanese and Russian. Still English Language is untouched for dubbing.

What is IMDb rating of Bahubali?

What follows is a series of adventures and misadventures in the pursuit of Sri’s goal. Its a good movie, all the essence is there for a film, good story, acting location , songs and direction everything is there. But non famous star cast and powerful dialogue delivery missed chance for good movie.

Is Bahubali a real story from history?

The real Bahubali, a revered figure among the Jains, is the son of the first Tirthankara (spiritual teacher), Rishabhanatha. The story of Bahubali, being a myth, doesn’t exist in any fixed time frame. In fact, prior to the eighth century B.C., it’s a leap for Indian historians to prove historicity for anything.

Will Bahubali be nominated for an Oscar?

So no point of bahubali making it in the Oscars. The only category it can compete is best movie in foreign category. But you have to understand it counts for the rest of countries as well and yes there are countless other movies both of Bollywood and other film industries which are far better than bahubali.