Is Borbet a good wheel brand?

Is Borbet a good wheel brand?

Established in 1881, German-based Borbet is a major supplier of wheels to many of Europe’s most prestigious marques. Borbet has earned its place among the finest alloy wheel manufacturers in the world today. Out of the liquid flame of melted alloy, Borbet creates an aluminum alloy wheel of the highest quality.

What are Borbet rims?

Borbet Wheels is one of the best-known names in the alloy wheels industry and are innovators in the use of new technologies and trend-setting designs.

Where are Borbet wheels made?

TRADITIONAL FAMILY BUSINESS The focus is clearly on Germany as a production location and guarantees quality products “Made in Germany”. In 2019, Mrs. Margot Borbet, wife of company founder Peter W.

Where is borbet?

Borbet is located in Hallenberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany .

Do rims go bad?

You may not pay much attention to your European car’s wheel rims, but they are extremely important. The rims not only hold the tires in place but assist with handling. However, rims do not last forever and can be damaged or wear out. Learn about rim wear, the signs that you need replacement, and how to choose new rims.

Are Chinese wheels safe?

There are a few reasons why Chinese car wheels are often seen as safe. Firstly, the manufacturing process is closely regulated, and companies only use processes that have been proven to be safe.

Why do cars have black rims?

Prior to the large rim trend, black wheels were seen as a design choice that actually made wheels look smaller. The darker the wheels, the smaller the perceived size; so, a larger rim allowed consumers to embrace black wheels without sacrificing size.

Are Borbet wheels any good?

Borbet wheels are also available as upgrades to Original Equipment, which means that you, too, can drive on a set of premium light alloy wheels customizing the look of your vehicle. And Borbet has fully earned the reputation of being a premium alloy wheel brand.

What is the difference between the Borbet TL and ECE wheels?

With the TL design, BORBET has a light alloy wheel in its program, which gains through its dynamic optic. Furthermore, the TL wheel has been especially constructed for a registration free fitting. Thus, the ECE wheel can be driven without causing extra costs and registration.

What is the difference between the Borbet TB and TL?

Design and proportions of the BORBET TB are custom-fit for popular Mercedes-Benz models. The spokes follow a clear alignment, getting wider towards the outer rim and end dynamically here. With the TL design, BORBET has a light alloy wheel in its program, which gains through its dynamic optic.

What is the weight of a Borbet FF1?

Borbet F2 graphite polished BORBET FF1 FF1 – the first forged wheel from BORBET attracts attention through its sporty modern design and is very light weighted and robust. The 19-inch wheel is a real featherweight with its 8.6 kg.