Is Funjet a frontier?

Is Funjet a frontier?

Cancun/Riviera Maya See the details

Airline Departure Days Flights Dates
Frontier Airlines Daily Now – 8/5/23

Where is Funjet located?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Funjet Vacations is a division of ALG Vacations, Corp., headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Funjet specializes in providing travelers with vacation packages that meet their needs, delivered with unparalleled customer care and at an exceptional value.

What airline does Funjet use?

Non-stop flights via Sun Country Airlines and Swift Air.

Do you pay for baggage both ways with Frontier?

Remember, baggage charges are applied per one-way trip (i.e. you’ll be paying double these fees round trip).

What baggage is free on Frontier Airlines?

Our fares include one free personal item. Carry-on baggage is not included in your fare. You can purchase carry-on baggage at the time of booking and after booking.

Is Frontier strict on personal item?

Frontier are relatively strict when it comes to carry on luggage and personal items. You’re allowed one small personal item on board free of charge, whilst full size carry ons are chargeable. For peace of mind, it’s advised that you stick within their limits.

Is Apple or Funjet better?

Usually, Funjet has limited destinations covered. But compared to Apple Vacations, Funjet offers better prices. You can also search on, which the parent company also owns.

Are Funjet and Apple Vacations the same?

Funjet is a sister company of Apple Vacation. If you go to their home page, they only offer two vacation deal options: flight/hotel and car/hotel.

How strict is Frontier on backpacks?

Can you bring snacks on Frontier Airlines?

Solid food items can be transported in either your carry-on or checked baggage, while liquid or gel food items larger than 3.4 oz are not permitted in carry-on baggage and should be placed in checked baggage if possible, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

How strict is Frontier personal item?

Is Funjet owned by Apple?

In May 2018 Apple Leisure Group merged with The Mark Travel Corporation and its associated brands Funjet Vacations and Trisept Solutions under the Apple Leisure Group name.