Is iPhone better than Samsung S20?

Is iPhone better than Samsung S20?

Galaxy S20: Overall winner. This iPhone 12 vs Galaxy S20 face-off is super close, and the iPhone 12 wins by just a single point. It really comes down to what you value most. The iPhone 12 offers a tougher display, faster performance and considerably better cameras.

Is Samsung screens better than Apple?

Both the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S20 use OLED displays that can produce remarkably wide colors and excellent contrast, but Samsung continues to lead in resolution. The S20 features a 6.2-inch screen with 3,200 by 1,440 pixels, making it both larger and sharper than the iPhone 12’s 6.1-inch, 2,530-by-1,170 screen.

Which is best iPhone 12 or Samsung S20?

The iPhone just has slightly more convenience with Face ID functionality, a faster processor, and cool MagSafe features. On the other hand, the Galaxy S20 offers a better display, more storage and RAM, and better camera zoom features for roughly the same amount of money.

Is Samsung or iPhone more expensive?

Samsung is actually the more expensive brand. First off, currently Apple has the iPhone 13 mini, which is the cheapest of the bunch at $699, yet it offers the same flagship experience as the bigger iPhones. Samsung has no such competitor in the Galaxy S21 line.

Is iPhone more durable than Samsung?

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 devices appear to be more prone to damage when dropped than Apple’s iPhone 13 models, according to drop tests conducted by Allstate Protection Plans.

How does iPhone 12 compare to Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs iPhone 12: takeaway The Samsung Galaxy S21 has more cameras than the iPhone 12, plus more RAM, a bigger battery, a slightly larger screen, a higher refresh rate, and more storage in the entry-level model.

Should I go from Android to iPhone?

Less Security Risks iOS devices have the upper hand when it comes to cybersecurity. The iPhone has tighter security than Android thanks to its exclusive App Store, closed ecosystem, and prompt updates. These make iOS devices challenging to infiltrate. Also, an iPhone is extremely unlikely to be infected with a virus.

Are Samsung phones better than Apple phones?

Although consistency is still Apple’s strong suit, the camera experience as a whole feels a lot more refined, fun, and versatile in Samsung smartphones. For the people who like to play around with their camera and experiment with new camera features, Samsung phones are the ones to go for.

Is the Galaxy S21 better than the iPhone 12?

Galaxy S21 vs. iPhone 12: Overall winner Galaxy S21 iPhone 12 Price (10 points) 8 7 Design (10 points) 8 9 Display (15 points) 15 14 Cameras (20 points) 18 18

What are the advantages of an iPhone over a Samsung phone?

Another major advantage that iPhones have over Samsung phones is the longevity of the devices. While Samsung phones usually come with 3-4 years of software support, iPhones can easily last for 5-6 years. However, there’s one important caveat to this. Smartphone batteries are made of lithium-ion which means they inevitably degrade over time.

Does the iPhone have a bigger battery than Samsung?

However, although the iPhone does not have a massive battery, its proprietary software is efficient enough that it ensures minimal battery usage resulting in a respectable battery life. That said, Samsung phones still beat iPhones in terms of total battery capacity. As far as the charging speed is concerned, iPhones still have a long way to go.