Is it Lara at the end of Dr. Zhivago?

Is it Lara at the end of Dr. Zhivago?

It is Lara that Zhivago truly loves, and he has already banished her from his life. After Zhivago’s death Lara happens upon his funeral by chance, as so much of their relationship has been. In death they seem fated to meet, even as in life. She mourns him and their lost life together.

Who is Tanya at the end of Dr. Zhivago?

Tanya is the daughter of members of the gentry. Her mother was living with a man named Komarov who was not her real father. He was a Russian Cabinet member hiding in Mongolia. When the Reds moved in, he sent Tanya’s mother and the entire household away on a secret train.

What happened to Yuri’s father in Dr. Zhivago?

During the Russian Revolution, Dr. Yuri Zhivago (Omar Sharif) is a young doctor who has been raised by his aunt and uncle following his father’s suicide.

What happened to Lara’s older daughter in Dr. Zhivago?

Lara’s daughter, named Katya, in the novel Dr. Zhivago written by Boris Pasternak, was left in Yuryatin, her birthplace in the Urals by her mother.

What happens to Tonya in Doctor Zhivago?

Answer and Explanation: Tonya and Sasha, two characters in Dr. Zhivago written by Boris Pasternak, end up being deported from Russia, probably to Paris.

Why didnt Yuri leave Lara?

He doesn’t seem to be particularly consumed with anger for what Victor did at the beginning of the movie, and has exactly the same reasons to hate him that Lara has. And traveling with Lara wouldn’t put her in any more danger than she was in already (as Victor said, Yuri was “small fry” compared to her).

Did Dr Zhivago and Lara have a child?

Lara is married to Pasha, a young soldier who is missing, and she has come west to find him. She has a daughter, Katya, whom she has left in Yuryatin, her birthplace in the Urals.

Does Lara get raped in Dr. Zhivago?

Komarovsky rapes Lara at one point, and she follows him to the restaurant at which he is dining and shoots him in front of the crowd that is celebrating Zhivago and Tonya’s engagement. However, she only wounds him.