Is Jerry Agar still on CFRB?

Is Jerry Agar still on CFRB?

Jerry Agar is a conservative talk radio personality. Since 2010, he has been host of the Jerry Agar Show on CFRB.

Where is Jim Richards today?

However, he returned to the air on March 1, 2021 as host of The Late Showgram with Jim Richards a new 5-hour long national overnight show produced at CFRB and carried by Bell Media Radio IHeartRadio talk radio network.

How do I text Jerry Agar?


  1. On-Air Talk Show Line 416-872-1010 | 1-877-518-5151 (toll-free long distance)
  2. Send a Text 71010.
  3. Newsroom Line 416-384-5858.
  4. Advertising 416-440-6330.
  5. Main Switchboard 416-384-8000.

What happened to Ryan Doyle Newstalk?

Ryan Doyle, Michaels’ former co-host on The Rush, has surfaced as host of The Guaranteed Money Podcast, a sports wagering podcast for The Dales Report. Doyle was with Newstalk 1010 for nearly eight years and with Bell Media for 25, up until parting ways with the company in December.

What happened to Jay and Ryan?

Jivani is one of a number of Newstalk 1010 hosts who have quietly parted ways with Bell Media over the last few months, including Ryan Doyle, formerly of afternoon drive show, The Rush with Ryan and Jay. Jay Michaels announced Friday he too is leaving the station to pursue another opportunity within Bell Media.

Is Jerry Agar still at 1010?

THE JERRY AGAR SHOW — launched in 2010 and airing on NEWSTALK 1010 weekdays 9 am to noon.

Did Ryan Doyle leave Newstalk 1010?

Who got fired from Newstalk 1010?

We have learned of the high–profile workers that were terminated after years of proud service: Dan O’Toole, Natasha Staniszewski and Brent Wallace by TSN; radio legend Ted Woloshyn by Newstalk–1010 (CFRB)… and a couple of friends and former colleagues at The FAN–590, Barb DiGiulio and Jim Richards, also by Newstalk– …

What happened to Ryan Doyle from Newstalk 1010?

What happened to Jamil jivani Newstalk 1010?

The show would air on NEWSTALK 1010 and across the iHeart Radio Network. In February 2021, Bell Media went under a corporate restructuring within its radio division. It was announced Jamil Jivani would move to the 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM time slot and his show would be rebranded as’The Jamil Jivani Show’.

What ever happened to Ryan Doyle?

Since late 2020, she’s been helming her own podcast development company, Lead Podcasting. Ryan Doyle has parted ways with Bell Media as Newstalk 1010 (CFRB-AM) rebrands The Rush with Ryan & Jay as The Rush with Jay Michaels.

What happened to Ryan Doyle on Newstalk?

Is Ryan Doyle gone from 1010?

Ryan Doyle was removed from NEWSTALK 1010’s afternoon drive show The Rush in the fall of 2021, and now Jay Michaels has announced he’s also leaving the show. In fact, this is Jay’s final week.

Where did Jay michael go?

It seems he chose to leave The Rush for a morning show gig in Montreal. He’s taking Terry DiMonte’s old spot on CHOM-FM 97.7.

Why did Ryan Doyle leave Newstalk 1010?