Is LatentView good for long term Quora?

Is LatentView good for long term Quora?

As per short term view, it will be give listing gain but as per long term perspective, this stock does not good for portfolio.

How good is LatentView?

LatentView Analytics is rated 4.0 out of 5, based on 68 reviews by employees on AmbitionBox. LatentView Analytics is known for Job Security which is rated at the top and given a rating of 4.1. However, Salary & Benefits is rated the lowest at 3.6 and can be improved.

Is LatentView good share to buy?

It’s a good long term play – one of its kind in listed space, so long term investors can hold as Data Analytics is one of the fastest growing areas and Latent View has emerged as a niche player offering services at global scale counting marquee names like Uber, Adobe and other fortune 500 companies as their clients,” …

Why do you want to join LatentView?

Reasons to Work with us LatentView Analytics creates empowered, visionary thought leaders who strive to reinvent themselves and take on challenges that make a difference in the world through innovation and insights. But, more importantly, we empower employees through a culture of fun, collaboration, and learning.

What does LatentView company do?

LatentView provides a 360-degree view of the digital consumer, enabling companies to predict new revenue streams, anticipate product trends and popularity, improve customer retention rates and optimize investment decisions.

Is Tiger analytics a good company?

Is Tiger Analytics a good company to work for? Tiger Analytics has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5, based on over 346 reviews left anonymously by employees. 91% of employees would recommend working at Tiger Analytics to a friend and 87% have a positive outlook for the business.

Is LatentView a profitable company?

Latent View Analytics consolidated net profit rises 49.58% in the March 2022 quarter. Net profit of Latent View Analytics rose 49.58% to Rs 35.57 crore in the quarter ended March 2022 as against Rs 23.78 crore during the previous quarter ended March 2021.

Is LatentView IPO oversubscribed?

Latent View IPO was oversubscribed by a whopping 326 times with retail investors’ portion booked 120 times, BSE data showed. Non Institutional Investors (NIIs) bid the most at 850 times and QIBs 145 times.

What is the future of LatentView?

“The Latent view is a data analytics company and this industry is likely to grow by 18-20% for the next 3 years. The strong part of the company is that it will be one of its kinds among listed companies, experienced management, and quality corporate governance practices.

What type of company is LatentView?

Latentview Analytics Corporation operates as a digital analytics firm. The Company provides business analytics, data engineering, marketing analytics, risk and compliance analytics, and supply chain analytic services. Latentview Analytics serves customers worldwide.

How is it to work in LatentView?

LatentView Analytics has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5, based on over 506 reviews left anonymously by employees. 88% of employees would recommend working at LatentView Analytics to a friend and 84% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has improved by 8% over the last 12 months.

Is LatentView Analytics Indian company?

The company serves clients across countries in the US, Europe, and Asia through their subsidiaries in various countries. The Chennai-based company made a revenue of Rs 305.88 crore and a profit of Rs 91.46 crore for fiscal 2021.

What kind of company is LatentView?

LatentView Analytics is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing digital analytics firms. We help companies drive digital transformation by helping them combine digital and traditional data to gain a competitive advantage.

Who is the CEO of Tiger Analytics?

Mahesh Kumar – Founder
Mahesh Kumar – Founder and CEO – Tiger Analytics | LinkedIn.

Which is the best Analytics company in India?

Top 10 trusted big data analytics companies in India 2021 – 2022

  • Tata Consultancy Services.
  • Accenture.
  • Tech Mahindra.
  • Capgemini India Pvt ltd.
  • Tiger Analytics.
  • Genpact.
  • LatentView Analytics. LatentView Analytics is a recognized leader in Data and Analytics and a trusted partner to Fortune500 companies.
  • DataFactz.

Is it good to buy LatentView IPO?

“Given niche presence of LatentView in digital analytics and consulting with a proven track record of profitable growth, there was a strong appetite among investors about the IPO. Notably, the investment in digital technologies is expected to double from 2020 levels to around $2.4 trillion in 2024 (around 16.5% CAGR).

Who are the clients of LatentView?

A few of its key clients include Microsoft, Uber, Adobe and 7-Eleven. However, the revenue growth for the company has been muted at 3 percent.

How old is LatentView?

Founded in 2006, LatentView offers data analytics services, consulting, and data engineering solutions to customers across the banking, technology, industrial, and retail verticals, among others. In its 15 years of existence, the company has reported a loss only for one quarter, in early 2010.

Why is Tiger analytics a good company?

About Tiger Analytics Company A boutique advanced analytics firm that provides services to businesses to help them make data driven business decisions. We combine our quantitative modeling expertise with deep understanding of business needs and state-of-the-art technologies to solve complex problems.