Is My Bloody Valentine 2009 a remake or a sequel?

Is My Bloody Valentine 2009 a remake or a sequel?

Though the original My Bloody Valentine was initially met with lukewarm critical notices and minimal box office success during its release forty years ago, the film has since been embraced by genre fans and elevated to cult classic level, receiving numerous home video releases over the years as well as a successful 3D …

Is My Bloody Valentine a remake?

Serving as a remake of the 1981 Canadian slasher film of the same name, it stars Jensen Ackles, Jaime King, Kerr Smith, Tom Atkins, and Kevin Tighe. The film focuses on the residents of a small town that is plagued by a serial killer in mining gear on Valentine’s Day.

How many Bloody Valentine movies are there?

It’s Valentine’s Day, and that means a whole lot of horror fans are going to be watching both the 1981 classic My Bloody Valentine (watch it HERE) and its 2009 remake My Bloody Valentine 3D (watch that one HERE)… and mourning the fact that neither of those excellent slasher movies ever got a sequel.

Who is the killer in My Bloody Valentine 3D?

Thomas J. “Tom” Hanniger is the main antagonist of the 2009 remake of the 1981 slasher film My Bloody Valentine. After being nearly killed by Harry Warden, Tom develops some serious mental problems that makes him dress in mining gear and kill people.

Is the My Bloody Valentine remake better?

All in all, the 2009 version of My Bloody Valentine probably is a good bit better than the original, but it’s still a movie you only want to pull out with some absurd drinking game like “Do a shot when someone dies via pickax”. Or if it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re angry at the world and single. That would work too.

Why did Harry Warden start killing people?

In a selfish act of self-preservation, Harry Warden killed the others so they would stop using oxygen. Harry himself is comatose and brought to a hospital. A year later, his condition hasn’t changed much but on Valentine’s Day, he regains consciousness and goes on a killing spree through the hospital.

Is My Bloody Valentine on Netflix?

Rent My Bloody Valentine (2009) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

Is the band My Bloody Valentine named after the movie?

My Bloody Valentine When My Bloody Valentine formed back in 1983, the band’s original vocalist David Conway suggested the name. However, guitarist Kevin Shields claims that he only found out years later that My Bloody Valentine was taken from the title of a Canadian slasher film from 1981.

What happened Harry Warden?

Tom begins to hallucinate Harry Warden behind Sarah, but he stops in front of him and disappears, leaving Tom to realize the truth. Harry takes over Tom and fights with Axel and Sarah, which eventually leads to him being shot and caught in an explosion.

Which version of My Bloody Valentine is the best?

Uncut Version Of My Bloody Valentine Is A Much Better Movie In fact, the cut that played theatrically was far less graphic than any modern network TV show. With most of Burman’s effect work gone, and the requisite bad reviews, the film was not a hit; it pulled in less than $6 million at the box office.

How long is the uncut version of My Bloody Valentine?

Additional Information. The film’s original full running time was 99 minutes; the 2009 and 2020 releases both contain the salvaged 93 minute cut.

Who is the killer in it’s mine?

Yuda Han
Yuseong Choi, better known as Yuda Han, is one of the two main antagonists of It’s Mine. He was brainwashed by his father, Yun Choi, to become a serial killer, who must murder Dajeong Lee, while his half-brother, Yohan Do must protect her.

Why is it called My Bloody Valentine?

The film was originally entitled The Secret; however, the producers decided to change it to My Bloody Valentine, so to overtly reference the holiday serial killer trend with which the slasher genre was becoming increasingly popular, through films such as Black Christmas (1974), Halloween (1978) and Friday the 13th ( …

Is TJ The Killer In My Bloody Valentine?

Tom was the not serial killer dressed in the miner outfit and mask. In the original, he is the titular hero along with the final girl Sarah and wins back his love.

Does Yohan like Dajeong?

Yohan Do. He is obsessed over Dajeong and sees no limits in protecting and watching over her well-being.