Is SilverStone Strider Essential good?

Is SilverStone Strider Essential good?

In terms of total efficiency, the SilverStone Strider Essential Series 500W ST50F-ES lagged slightly behind other lower-range power supplies like the Xigmatek NRPPC602 600W and the Antec TruePower 550W. However, it gained significant ground in terms of standby efficiency, and was one of the best performers on test.

Is SilverStone a good PSU?

Bottom line: SilverStone makes some excellent PSUs, and this SX700-PT is one amazing power plant. It has some smart features to make it even more efficient, rocking all-Japanese capacitors and an 80 Plus Platinum rating.

Is SilverStone ST50F good?

No, that’s not a very good PSU. Brand value is almost useless when buying PSU’s, all brands have good and bad PSU models, and the model you have selected is one of the bad ones from Silverstone.

Is Silverstone Strider good PSU?

In conclusion, the Silverstone Strider Platinum 650W is a good performing power supply that delivers on its promises. It has a high efficiency and low voltage oscillation. In addition, the used 120mm fan is silent even when the power supply is pushed.

Are gigabyte PSU reliable?

Reputable. Gigabyte is generally a good brand. But the thing is that their name on a product is just a name, they don’t actually produce those parts themselves because they produce an extremely large variety of PC parts (motherboards, SSDs, monitors, RAM, PSUs etc.)

Do gigabyte PSU still explode?

Gigabyte Busted Again, GP-P750M PSU Caught Exploding On Cam When Tested With DC Electronic Load Equipment. Gigabyte has had a rough week following its recent leak of confidential documents & disastrous launch of its brand new GP-P850GM & GP-P750GM PSUs.

What’s wrong with gigabyte power supplies?

Gigabyte has started to exchange or refund customers who purchased potentially faulty power supply units. In a video report from popular tech YouTuber Gamers Nexus (opens in new tab), certain models of Gigabyte PSUs are alleged to have a higher than acceptable rate of failure, sometimes with explosive results.

Can my PSU explode?

The PSU as a whole will not explode though. They explode, literally. Not big Hollywood style explosions, but they are explosions. When the current limit of a transistor or diode is exceeded and it catastrophically fails the component can blow apart with a bright flash of electrical discharge and a small shockwave.

Which gigabyte power supply is bad?

Some of the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM models that were tested sparked as they died, creating a fire risk, and one also ruined an attached RTX 3080 GPU.

What does a blown power supply sound like?

The strange noises could be anything including a louder or quieter fan, humming or even whining. If your internal hard drive is making a clicking sound, it could also mean that you’re having a power supply problem, although it can also indicate that your drive is about to fail.

What causes a PSU to pop?

There may be two issues : 1) The big fat cable with the 24PIN is not connected properly. 2) While you had turned the power on to discover that it was not working,a current surge (OVERVOLTAGE) must have gone inside in some way and may have burnt some delicate components inside the PSU.

What comes with the Silverstone Strider essential 500W power supply?

The SilverStone Strider Essential 500W power supply arrived in a cardboard package similar to other SilverStone power supplies and from other vendors. Included with the SST-ST50F-ES was the user’s manual (also the same as the ST40F-ES 400W model), a US power cable, and the mounting screws.

What is the difference between the Silverstone Strider series?

As the name suggests, the Strider Essential series is the most basic series which Silverstone currently offers, while the Strider Plus series is a step higher up the performance ladder and features a fully modular design.

What are the features of the Strider titanium?

Other enthusiasts features included are all Japanese capacitors, 3% regulation, powerful single +12V rail, 24/7 continuous power output, and multiple PCI-E cables. For those looking to build the most efficient systems possible with great quality, the Strider Titanium is definitely the top choice.

What are the benefits of Silverstone platinum cable?

Search… 1.Designed for 80 PLUS Platinum level of efficiency to reduce wasted heat and save on electricity. 2.100% moudlar cable design for use with short cable kit such as SilverStone’s PP05-E or for easy removal in a case with cable routed and tied down.