Is the AMD A10-5700 Good?

Is the AMD A10-5700 Good?

The AMD A10-5700 is a chip we’re desperate to like. For starters, it’s one of the most technically interesting CPUs around right now. You’ve got AMD’s latest Piledriver architecture and all its funky hybrid core technology. Then there’s an AMD Radeon HD 7660D graphics, the most powerful integrated core on Earth.

How fast is an AMD A10 processor?

The A10-7700K 3.4 GHz Quad-Core FM2+ Processor from AMD has a base clock speed of 3.4 GHz and a maximum turbo frequency of 3.8 GHz. It features ten compute cores, divided up as four CPU cores and six GPU cores, and also has 4MB of L2 cache memory and 256kB of L1 cache memory.

How old is AMD A10-5700?

The AMD A10-5700 was a desktop processor with 4 cores, launched in October 2012. It is part of the A10 lineup, using the Trinity architecture with Socket FM2.

When did the AMD A10-5700 come out?

AMD started AMD A10-5700 sales 2 October 2012. This is Trinity architecture desktop processor primarily aimed at office systems. It has 4 cores and 4 threads, and is based on 32 nm manufacturing technology, with a maximum frequency of 4000 MHz and a locked multiplier.

How is AMD a10 processor?

A great chip for it’s price, with it’s integrated graphics I can run games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 on medium-ish settings at a healthy FPS of about 35-50 with DX11. Temperatures still quite low at 35 Celsius with the stock cooler. Great product from AMD.

What is the performance of AMD A10-5700?

AMD A10-5700 3.4 GHz Popular performance comparisons This chart illustrates relative multi-threading performance of microprocessors, that are most commonly compared to the A10-5700. ยป Individual benchmarks Model Relative performance Specs

What is the processor speed of the AMD A10-6800K?

AMD A10-6800K 4C, 4.1 GHz Intel Core i3-3240 2C, 3.4 GHz, HT AMD A10-5800K 4C, 3.8 GHz AMD A10-6700 4C, 3.7 GHz AMD A8-6500

What is the average FPS of A10-5700 Apu?

A10-5700 APU can run games with frames per second ranging from 22.2 FPS up to 49.3 FPS depending on game settings. On low settings this processor can achieve on average around 49.3 FPS .

Is the i3-4330 better than the A10-5700?

The A10-5700 offers reasonable performance at a reasonable price point. But comparing the A10-6700 and i3-4330 shows that the comparably priced 4330 is a far more compelling alternative given its almost outright advantage on every metric. [Dec ’14 CPUPro]