Is the Friar Laurence plan effective?

Is the Friar Laurence plan effective?

In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence’s plan is unlikely to succeed as is proved in the play. When it comes to convincing Juliet’s family of her pretentious death, it has to be realistic. Her fake death plan had to be kept a secret. Friar Lawrence’s plan does not work.

What is the friar pondering when Scene 3 opens quote?

In the beginning of Act 2, Scene 3, the Friar is picking herbs and flowers from his garden and thinking about what each of them can do. He is pondering the fact that some things that come from nature can heal a person while others can harm or even kill people.

Why does Friar Laurence think Juliet will accept his plan?

Friar Laurence thinks that juliet will accept his plans because it is a solution to not marry Paris and to marry Romeo. Friar laurence’s plan to Juliet is that Juliet is going to drink the poison and fake her death for 42 hours, until Romeo comes and gets her.

What could go wrong with Friar Lawrence’s plan?

What were some of the potential perils (things that could go wrong) with Friar Laurence’s plan? Romeo wouldn’t get the message from Friar John, Juliet would wake up early, Romeo would get there too early, Someone could have tried to kill Romeo, etc.

What is the main point of Friar Laurence soliloquy?

The Friar’s soliloquy is about the healing power of plants and herbs. However, he also warns that some plants used to heal can also be poisonous. This, of course, foreshadows the tragic events to come by indicating what will happen later on in the play.

What is Friar Lawrence’s plan for Romeo plans on getting Romeo in good favor with the Prince?

Friar Lawrence says he should be thankful the Prince hasn’t killed him, the Prince forgave him for killing Tybalt, and that Juliet is still alive.

What is Friar Laurence’s plan for Romeo Where is he going for how long etc?

What is Friar Laurence’s plan for Romeo? Romeo will go to Mantua until his marriage can be announced and he can reconcile with the families/the prince pardons him. Lines 136-154.

What plan does Friar Laurence give Romeo?

Friar Lawrence begins by telling Romeo to first go to Juliet and “comfort her.” He’ll have to make sure no one sees him there, so the Friar mentions being cautious with the watchman. He then tells Romeo to depart for Mantua, where Romeo will live until things are settled in Verona.

Who is more mature Romeo or Juliet?

As seen in the play “Romeo and Juliet”, by William Shakespeare, maturity plays a big role in love and how characters can act upon their feelings and emotions. Juliet is less mature than Romeo when it comes to her being so young and naive that she does not know how to control her feelings.

What is Friar Lawrence’s advice to Romeo in Act 2 Scene 3?

Friar Laurence, in spite of his reservations, admits that perhaps the marriage of Romeo and Juliet could serve “to turn [their] households’ rancor to pure love.” Romeo begs the friar to help him hastily marry Juliet—the friar says he’ll help the two young lovers but warns Romeo that those who run too fast always …

What goes wrong with Friar Laurence’s plan?

Friar Laurence’s plan for Romeo and Juliet to fake Juliet’s death went well until he had to tell Romeo about his plan, Romeo’s servant sees Juliet dead but does not understand what is going on so he tells Romeo what he saw before the friars plan could get to him, this causes Romeo to buy poison to kill himself because …