Is the Tassimo VIVY good?

Is the Tassimo VIVY good?

The Tassimo Vivy is a very simple pod machine with no unnecessary bells and whistles. Attractive pricing, compact dimensions and the ease of use are a big part of its appeal. But the Vivy is also a strong performer and makes very good coffee at the push of a button.

What’s the difference between tassimo VIVY and VIVY 2?

Our TASSIMO Suny & Vivy 2 machines both create our 40 different hot drinks at the touch of a button. The Suny has been out on the market for a longer time. The Vivy 2 is a more innovative TASSIMO machine, the revamped version of the original Vivy.

What is a VIVY pod?

TASSIMO VIVY 2 Coffee Machine is a small coffee pod machine, designed by Bosch. This TASSIMO machine offers you more than just coffee. Use your favourite TASSIMO pods to create any hot drink you like. All TASSIMO T Discs are compatible with the TASSIMO VIVY 2.

What pods can you use in a Tassimo VIVY 2?

What are the Best Tassimo Coffee Pods you can buy?

  1. Costa Cappuccino. An absolute classic in our office and one you will definitely love if you have not tried it before.
  2. Cadbury Hot Chocolate.
  3. Carte Noire Café Long Classic.
  4. Jacobs Latte Macchiato.
  5. Costa Latte.
  6. Oreo.
  7. Kenco Pure Colombian.
  8. Twinings English Breakfast.

Is the TASSIMO coffee machine any good?

Our verdict. Bosch and Tassimo are both trusted names. If you’re looking for an inexpensive coffee pod machine that delivers a great cup of coffee in next to no time with a single press of a button, then this is a clear contender. With a wide range of drinks available, there’s something for everyone.

Do TASSIMO pods fit all machines?

You can use any t-disc in any Tassimo coffee maker, as all pods work in any of the home Tassimo machines, they all make the same drinks. However, you cannot use the pods from a commercial Tassimo machine in a domestic coffee maker, they are not compatible.

How do I get a full cup on my TASSIMO?

As your drink is being dispensed, towards the end press and hold the start stop button, release it when your cup is nearly full. 68 of 73 found this helpful. Do you?

Can I use Aldi coffee pods in tassimo?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a compatible Tassimo pod, you can only buy official T Discs from your supermarket or online. This may come as a surprise for people who have used other brand pod coffee makers and gotten used to buying compatible pods cheap from the likes of Aldi and Lidl.

Is tassimo phased out?

But given how we are all recycling at home and in the office and the recycling programmes created and promoted by both Nespresso and Tassimo, coffee capsules are not going anywhere, any time soon.

Is the Bosch Tassimo Vivy 2 any good?

There is little question that the Bosch Tassimo Vivy 2 is one of the best-selling coffee pod machines in the uk. If you are looking for a quick hot drink then this is one of the easiest, fasted and most efficient machines to use This machine is perfect for people looking to easily and speedily make a decent cup of coffee. How do Tassimo pods work?

Is the costa Vivy espresso machine any good?

As the Vivy doesn’t have the bar pressure café-style machines do, how the coffee tastes is depends more on the T Discs you choose. The Costa-branded espresso was good quality, smooth with a hint of crema, while the straight medium roast was more akin to filter coffee rather than café-standard.

What makes the Vivy so special?

The tiny Vivy’s other main attraction is that, like other Tassimo machines, it’s straightforward to use, with one-touch operation and virtually no heat-up time from switching on.

How does Tassimo Vivy cope with different cup sizes?

While many compact machines struggle to cope with different cup sizes, the Vivy’s adjustable platform can be repositioned to suit – close to the spout to accommodate small cups, at the base for standard cups or removed altogether for larger mugs. Tassimo Vivy by Bosch – What’s it like to use?