Is there a metro station to krishnarajapuram?

Is there a metro station to krishnarajapuram?

The PURPLE LINE is the first Metro that goes to Krishnarajapuram Railway Station in Bengaluru. It stops nearby at 7:00 AM.

Is KR Puram comes under Bangalore Rural?

The locality KR Puram falls in Bengaluru Urban district situated in Karnataka state, with a population 199487.

Which zone does KR Puram belong?

Krishnarajapuram, officially Krishnarajapura, is neighborhood of Bangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is one of the zones of BBMP. It is located 15 km (9.3 mi) from Bangalore City railway station….Krishnarajapuram.

Krishnarajapuram KR Puram KR Pura
Coordinates:12.995°N 77.68°E
Country India
State Karnataka
District Bangalore

When Whitefield Metro will be ready?

Baiyappanahalli-Whitefield Line Set To Open In Dec 2022 With Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) sorting out a few pending bottlenecks with Railway authorities, the 15.25 km elevated line between Baiyappanahalli and Whitefield is set to be open in Dec 2022.

Is Metro in Bangalore?

Namma Metro (“Our Metro” in Kannada), also known as Bengaluru Metro, is a rapid transit system serving the city of Bengaluru, India….

Namma Metro
Locale Bengaluru
Transit type Rapid transit
Number of lines 2 (Fully operational) 3 (Under construction) 1 (Under Planning)

Is KR Puram and krishnarajapuram same?

In recent years, KR Puram or Krishnarajapuram, located in East Bengaluru, 15 kilometre away from the Bengaluru City railway station, has evolved into a space where history remains entangled with its dusty roads, crowded residences and uneven commercialisation.

Is KR Puram and Krishnarajapuram same?

What is the best place to live in Bangalore?

The 10 best places to live in Bangalore are listed below….

  1. Basavanagudi.
  2. Indira Nagar.
  3. Jayanagar.
  4. Koramangala.
  5. Malleshwaram.
  6. Rajaji Nagar.
  7. Frazer Town.
  8. Sadashivanagar.

Is KR Puram good for investment?

Unlike speculative markets, Bengaluru’s real estate is based on solid fundamentals including location and connectivity. These factors contribute to KR Puram being a prime destination for investment and emerging as one of Bengaluru’s most sought after residential addresses.

Is there metro in Whitefield?

The nearest metro station to Whitefield is Baiyappanahalli Metro Station. Baiyappanahalli Metro Station is the eastern terminal point on the east–west corridor of the Namma Metro.