Is there a practice test for USPS?

Is there a practice test for USPS?

Because Postal Service Test 473 is an aptitude test rather than a facts-and-figures test, the best way to prepare is to practice. By taking a practice test like ours, you can get comfortable with the format of the exam and a general feel for the questions.

How hard is the USPS assessment test?

The 1st part of the 473 exam is fairly easy but is timed so you need to work quick and be accurate. The memory part is generally considered the hardest for most people unless you have a photographic memory.

What type of questions are on the post office test?

Postal Exam 473 Breakdown

Exam Section Time Limit Questions
Part A Address Checking 11 minutes 60 Multiple Choice
Part B Forms Completion 30 minutes 30 Multiple Choice
Part C (Section 1) Coding 6 minutes 6 minutes 36 Multiple Choice
Part C (Section 2) Memory 7 minutes 7 minutes 36 Multiple Choice

Is the Post Office test online?

Under the current Post Office recruitment system, you first find an open job posting and apply for it online on the Postal website. You are scheduled for the exam as you apply for the job, and you take the exam online within several days. Everything is done online.

How many times can you take postal exam?

You can only take the four new tests that are now used to fill over 95% of all jobs either once every two years or once a year depending upon your score the first time around. You must wait two years if you pass but do not get the top score needed to get a job. If you fail, you must wait one year.

How many people fail the USPS test?

The passing score is 70%, and according to the USPS, 80% to 90% of candidates fail the postal exam.

What is a good score for the USPS assessment test?

What Is a Good Score on the USPS Assessment Test? The passing score for any of the four Postal Exams is 70, and any score above that is considered good. If you see an ineligible status instead of a score, this means you haven’t managed to reach the minimum score of 70.

What is a good postal exam score?

How long is the USPS test good for?

six years
The exam results are sent to the email address you submitted with your application as soon as you complete the test. Exam scores remain valid until the date on your notice of rating. Exam 473 scores remain valid for six years if you are not hired. Passing a postal exam does not mean you will be hired.

What should I wear to a USPS interview?

Suits and ties or professional dresses represent appropriate clothing to wear to United States Postal Service job interviews.