Is there a SML movie?

Is there a SML movie?

A Youtuber by the name of MλFDOMiNUS (who is an SML Critic like dabhdude and a long time former fan) is planning to make a fan-made Movie based on SML, which is scheduled to be released on June 26, 2021 as part of MλFDOMiNUS’ 5th Anniversary on his Main Channel.

Why was the SML movie Cancelled?

SML has still gone downhill. Budget problems during the production. The film would age poorly due to adding new characters and changing the main characters (Mario, Bowser, Rosalina, Bowser Junior, Cody, Joseph, Black Yoshi.)

When was the first SML movie made?

Series Overview

Season Episodes Year
1 4 2009
2 2 2010
3 5 2011
4 5 2012

Why did chilly cheat on Logan?

CDusk Interview. It was later revealed in “SML Drama: The Interviews” that Chilly didn’t cheat on Logan, it turns out Roy was just invited and nothing else. Logan had confirmed this in his interview by stating, “I don’t really know the whole story, but I don’t think they did anything”.

Did Lovell leave SML?

SML Lovell was created on Jan 23, 2019, after his old Main channel which is his reaction channel. “Lovell”(also known as SML LovellTv) was terminated. He promotes his new musics on the channel and has 18.2K+ Subscribers currently.

What grade is Jeffy?

It was confirmed to be over in Jeffy’s Scary Movie! when mentioning Jeffy passed fourth grade. The series is also like the previous two school series as it also shows the students’ daily lives before and after the school day begins.

What is Jeffy’s last name?

Jeffy, whose full name is Jeffy Pierre Mario, is a character of the Super Mario Logan franchise, an antagonist and considered an anti-hero of the show.

What is Jeffy’s mom name?

aka Nancy
Jeffy’s Mother aka Nancy, Decides to escape jail and collect Jeffy’s Inheritance. So she hires screwball the clown to kidnap Jeffy and hold him for ransom until MARIO MARIO pays off the ransom.

Who is Roy get hard?

Roy Gethard is a former minor antagonist in the SML series. He was the world’s former coolest kid before losing his title to PJ Crenshaw. He is also the main antagonist of The School Dance!, Bowser Junior’s House Party!, and Roy’s Cool Lessons! despite being put into the video late.

Is Tito and Logan still friends?

After Logan and Chilly’s break up in late 2019, Tito and Logan are no longer friends. According to Tito, Logan also had destroyed many of his plushies he had yet used for Titototter videos.

Who plays Cody in SML?

Cody (SuperMarioLogan)

Gender: Male
Type: Nerdy, homosexual Child Prodigy
Portrayed by: Chris Netherton
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: SuperMarioLogan

What is chef pee pee?

Fernando ‘Pee Pee’ Strongbottom, or commonly known and referred to Chef Pee Pee, is a French born Italian chef that works for Bowser and he is a major protagonist in the SuperMarioLogan series.

What is Bowser’s new name in SML?

Robert “Bowser” Bernard Koopa Senior (More commonly known as Junior’s Dad, currently known as Braxton) is a recurring character in the SML series.

Who is older lance or Logan?

Lance Ashton Thirtyacre
Lance Ashton Thirtyacre was born on September 23rd, 1993, to Kelly Thirtyacre and Jennifer Grant, in Pensacola, Florida. He is a year older than Logan.

Does Jeffy love Mario?

However, Brooklyn Guy encourages Mario to take good care of him, which might lead Jeffy to give him some of the money in gratitude. Mario, now being happy and fuelled by this, agrees and begins to love and bond with Jeffy as father and son.

Who is Bowser Jr based on in SML?

Junior is based on Logan’s half-sister, Haleigh Grant, as the two of them are both bratty people. Haleigh is supposedly even worse than Junior. In 2021, he, along with every other Mario character, has been permanently turned into SML human puppets that don’t resemble the games due to legal issues with Nintendo.

Who is Rebecca in SML?

Monica Alicia Coello [a.k.a Rebecca] is a former small-time voice actress & puppeteer for SuperMarioLogan, as well as, at least formerly, the “fake girlfriend” of Tito Jimenez. Her only role was the voice acting/puppeteering for Lola in the “The Maid!” and “Chef Pee Pee’s Date!”.