Is Utkal Express running today?

Is Utkal Express running today?

The departure time for 18477 Utkal Express from Puri is 20:45. The arrival time to Yog N Rishikesh is 21:50….18477 Utkal Express Running Status.

Station Tatanagar Jn 514 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 05:45 05:45
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 05:55 05:55
Delay On Time

Is Kalinga Utkal Express running?

18478 train covers 69 stations. The departure time for 18478 Kalingautkal Exp from Yog N Rishikesh is 05:35. The arrival time to Puri is ….18478 Kalingautkal Exp Running Status.

Station Haridwar Jn 22 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 06:41 06:42
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 06:53 06:52
Delay 1min
PF/Halt – 12min

Is Kalinga Utkal Express Cancelled?

The derailment of the Puri- Haridwar Utkal Kalinga Express near Muzaffarnagar resulted in cancellation of three train services, including Ambala-Delhi- Ambala Intercity Express and Haridwar-Puri Utkal Kalinga Express, commencing journey on Sunday.

When was Utkal Express started?

The Utkal Express 18477 train, also known as Kalinga Utkal Express, started its service in the year 1969.

Why was Utkal Express Cancelled?

Bhubaneswar: Four trains have been cancelled and one diverted due to safety-related modernisation work at Ballabhgarh station in Tuglakabad and Palwal Railway Section under Northern Railway jurisdiction, an East Coast Railway release said.

Where is my train 08477?

08477 – Puri Ynrk Special Live Train Running Status

Station Speed Sch/Act Arrival Train Arrival Status PF
Khurda Road 09:25PM / 09:25PM No Delay
Bhubaneswar 09:55PM / 09:55PM No Delay
Cuttack 10:30PM / 10:30PM No Delay
Jajpur K Road 11:24PM / 11:24PM No Delay

Where is 18478 Utkal Express?

18478 Kalinga Utkal Express Train Time Table

Station Arrives Platform
KOSI KALAN (KSV) 13:18 2
MATHURA JN (MTJ) 13:50 1

How many states Utkal Express?

It is one of the oldest trains running between the two holy towns of Puri and Haridwar, a railway officer said. The train covers Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and Uttarakhand.

Is pantry available in Utkal Express?

Catering Facility: Train has one compartment of pantry car to serve food to the passengers during journey. However, passengers can book food online in train via e-catering services.

How many coaches are there in Utkal Express?

Number of coaches available in 18478 Kalinga Utkal Express (PT) are 24.

How can I know train timing?

If you want to know of the arrival time or departure time of the train, do send an SMS to 139 in the format “AD ”. Within few minutes, the exact time related enquiry of the train will get back to the same number through which the message is been sent.