Is Vittorio Gassman alive?

Is Vittorio Gassman alive?

June 29, 2000Vittorio Gassman / Date of death

Who was Vittorio Gassman married to?

Diletta D’Andream. 1970–2000
Shelley Wintersm. 1952–1954Nora Riccim. 1944–1952
Vittorio Gassman/Spouse

Who is Shelley Winters daughter?

Vittoria GassmanShelley Winters / Daughter
With her second husband, Italian actor Vittorio Gassman, she had a daughter, Victoria Gassman Neuman, a physician, who survives her. In addition to DeFord and her daughter, Winters is survived by two grandchildren.

Who is Shelley Winters married to?

Gerry DeFordm. 2006–2006
Anthony Franciosam. 1957–1960Vittorio Gassmanm. 1952–1954Capt. Mack Paul Mayerm. 1942–1948
Shelley Winters/Spouse

Hours before her death, Winters married long-time companion Gerry DeFord, with whom she had lived for 19 years.

Did Jonathan Winters have a son?

Jay WintersJonathan Winters / Son

Who were Jonathan Winters children?

Jay Winters
Lucinda Winters
Jonathan Winters/Children

Was Shelly Winters married?

Hours before her death, Winters married long-time companion Gerry DeFord, with whom she had lived for 19 years. Though Winters’s daughter objected to the marriage, the actress Sally Kirkland performed the wedding ceremony for the two at Winters’s deathbed.

Who is Vittorio Gassman?

Mini Bio (1) Vittorio Gassman studied theatre in his youth and was quite a good basketball player. He debuted on stage in 1943 and soon felt home in all classical theatre works. Since 1946 he also worked at the movies and his first big role there was the criminal in Bitter Rice (1949).

How old is Alessandro Gassman?

Alessandro Gassmann (born Alessandro Gassman; born 24 February 1965) is an Italian actor.

Who is Paola Gassman brother Alessandro Gassmann?

Alessandro Gassmann, also credited as Alessandro Gassman, is an Italian actor. He is the son of actors Vittorio Gassman and Juliette Mayniel. He is a half-brother of actress Paola Gassman. Alessandro is married to Sabrina Knaflitz, with whom he has a son, singer Leo Gassmann.

Where is Giuseppe Gassmann from?

Gassmann was born in Rome, Italy, the son of Italian actor Vittorio Gassman and French actress Juliette Mayniel. He is of Jewish, German and French descent. He debuted at 17 in the autobiographical film Di padre in figlio, written and directed with his father, under whose tutoring he later studied in the Theatre Workshop of Florence.