Is Yoshinon a boy or girl?

Is Yoshinon a boy or girl?

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Yoshino Himekawa
Age 13-14 (Physically) 40 (Actual Age)
Gender Female
Height 144 cm
Species Human Spirit (Formerly)

What is Natsumi’s dark secret?

Natsumi grew up as an illegitimate child in a abusive household where her mother only used her for the secret hush money her father provided for them. Her mother refused to feed her and would always belittle her for being ugly.

What is Yoshino’s age?

about 13 to 14 years of age
Yoshino has the appearance of a young girl at about 13 to 14 years of age with blue eyes and hair. She wears a light-blue short dress under a large green raincoat that has a tail with a pink ribbon attached with a pair of rabbit-ear hood and holds her rabbit puppet, Yoshinon, in her left hand.

How old is Natsumi Dal?

Her true form is 14, same as Kotori an Yoshino.

Does Tobiichi like Shido?

During the Spirit battle royale, the new Origami would take over after the old Origami was temporarily knocked out by Mukuro and win the fight in her stead, no less determined to confess her love toward Shido.

Who was Natsumi disguised as?

Natsumi transforms herself to impersonate Shido in an attempt to ruin his reputation. Natsumi then gives Shido a challenge to find who she had disguised herself as among the 12 photos. Shido eventually correctly guesses that Natsumi had disguised herself as Yoshinon.

Who does origami end up with?

During the one-year timeskip, Origami took Shido to a mock wedding event, which she would later joke was official. While encouraging him to continue holding his feelings toward Tohka, she vows to prove herself as his ideal wife.

Does Origami join dem?

As the series progressed, Origami has shown a growing desire to obtain power. This eventually caused her to join DEM, and later, after she was defeated, to accept a sephira crystal that turned her into a Spirit.

Who is the Phantom in Date A Live?

Reine Murasame
Reine Murasame (in Japanese: 村雨 令音, Murasame Reine) is an anti-heroine in the Date A Live franchise. While initially appearing as a protagonist, it is revealed in late volumes that Reine is Phantom, the mysterious entity who turned Kotori Itsuka and Miku Izayoi in Spirits, and a major antagonist in the series.