Is ZbigZ good?

Is ZbigZ good?

Zbigz is a great service through which you can convert torrents to direct links. You just need to sign up for a free account and add a torrent file they will download the torrent and provide you a direct link to the file.

What is ZbigZ?

Zbigz is a gateway between huge data storage (BitTorrent network) and you. You do not need to download and investigate complicated software. It is possible but Zbigz has already done it for you. Just input your search query or choose what you need from our regularly updated catalogue and download it!

How do I download from Zbigz?

Just download! The only thing you need is your web-browser. If you see this page it means you are ready to download. Just paste the link to your torrent or upload torrent-file from your computer and download faster than ever.

Is Web Torrenting safe?

The official uTorrent is free of malware and can be used safely and privately in combination with a VPN. It does not, however, prevent users from downloading malicious files that can infect their device.

Should I use VPN when Torrenting?

We always recommend using a VPN for torrenting. A VPN encrypts your IP address and prevents your Internet Service Provider from being able to monitor your Internet activity. Torrenting without a VPN means your Internet Service Provider will be able to see your online activity.

Is zbigz free to use?

Zbigz has both free and premium membership accounts. But obviously, the premium account users will have a lot more privileges than the free account users. In the zbigz free account, you can leech torrent of a limited size per day or per month and you will also get limited download speed.

How to login to zbigz premium account?

I already have an official zbigz premium account which was purchased recently. This account is 100% safe and in working condition, so you can enjoy zbigz premium services. #1. First of All Visit on Given Link to Visit Zbigz Website. : Login Here #2. Now Click on Login. #3. Enter the Username: [email protected] and Password: e9ju7k9 #4.

How to download torrents on zbigz?

Go to and copy the magnet link of the torrent or upload a the torrent file in the bar and press “GO!”. Your download will start and a tab with the files you are downloading will open. There you can see the progress of the download, the peers count, the size of the file and the number of files.