Was Castle a CIA agent?

Was Castle a CIA agent?

and an old acquaintance (and former ‘Muse’) of Richard Castle….

Sophia Turner
Title CIA agent
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Cause of death Shot by Martin Danberg

Who is the CIA mole in Castle?

Mason Wood
Occupation Head of the Greatest Detective Society Former CIA Analyst
Character Information
Appearances The G.D.S. Crossfire
Portrayed by Gerald McRaney

Who plays the CIA agent in Castle?

Jennifer Beals is Castle-bound. The Chicago Code/L Word alumna has landed a two-episode guest spot on the ABC drama, playing Sophia, a “smart, commanding, and sexy” CIA agent helping Castle and Beckett search for a fellow operative who has gone rogue, TVGuide.com reports.

Who is Richard Castle based on?

The name Richard Castle is also used as a pseudonym under which a set of real books about the characters Derrick Storm and Nikki Heat, based on the books mentioned in the television series, are written. These books have achieved success, becoming New York Times bestsellers.

Is Mason a LokSat?

Just before Rick starts to spill, Loksat reveals his true identity: Mason — or so viewers are left to believe.

Who was behind LokSat in Castle?

The series finale arrived at our door Monday night, and it for the most part revolved around one simple question: Could Castle and Beckett finally destroy LokSat once and for all? First, we have to reveal who was behind that moniker: Mason Wood!

Who played the female CIA agent on Castle?

Jennifer Beals: Sophia Turner Photos (7)

Who is the serial killer in season 2 of Castle?

The killer is later identified as Scott Dunn.

Why did Castle erase his memory?

And when he does, he is presented with a video… of himself, explaining that he had found a connection between Senator Bracken and a partner dubbed “LokSat.” So inflammatory was this intel (bullet wound and all), Rick says in the video, he decided to have “their” memory erased, to protect Kate.