What amp does John Petrucci use?

What amp does John Petrucci use?

Mesa/Boogie Mark V 90-Watt Tube Head We use channel one and channel three primarily. This amp just does so many things and it’s just great sounding. I can’t come up with more good things to say about it. It’s just an awesome amp.

What volume pedal does John Petrucci use?

Ernie Ball 250K Mono Volume
Strings & Volume Pedal John Petrucci plays Ernie Ball Paradigm Regular Slinkys and uses the Ernie Ball 250K Mono Volume Pedal (for passive electronics).

What kind of guitar does John Petrucci play?

John Petrucci plays Musicman Majesty and JP6 model guitars which are his signature designs with Musicman guitars, recently celebrating their 20th anniversary together. However, John also had a successful line of Ibanez signature guitars also with some other guitars he played earlier in his career.

Does Petrucci use reverb?

Dream Theater’s John Petrucci singled out the one guitar effect he’s not a fan of, telling The Captain (transcribed by UG): “I don’t like reverb. “The only application I find where I like reverb is on acoustic. “I don’t like it on electric.

What delay does John Petrucci use?

TC Electronic Flashback
The Delay he uses is the TC Electronic Flashback, which our Kris plays in the video together with Petrucci’s “Aurora” Toneprint.

What guitar was used on images and words?

JP: Images and Words was produced by David Prater, and he had very specific ideas on recording guitar. Once again I didn’t have a lot of experience, so I came in with my guitar… that’s when I got the first Picasso guitar [Ibanez JPM-100].

Are neural DSP plugins worth it?

It’s very dynamic and responsive to your playing; there are no excess or unnecessary features; it’s simply meant to inspire, and sound great while doing it. The Neural DSP Archetype Plini is a very versatile plugin, but the clean and lead tones are where it really shines.

What is archetype Petrucci?

Condensing the guitarist’s gear into an all-in-one software suite, Archetype: Petrucci is loaded with four amps – Piezo, Clean, Rhythm and Lead – that together aim to deliver “every nuance of John’s tone”, as well as overdrive, phaser, chorus and flanger effects pedal models and two pre effects: a wah and compressor.

What delay pedal does John Petrucci use?

The Delay he uses is the TC Electronic Flashback, which our Kris plays in the video together with Petrucci’s “Aurora” Toneprint.

What string size does John Petrucci use?

He uses Ernie Ball strings, a custom set of . 010-. 012-. 016-.

Who taught John Petrucci?

Petrucci attended Berklee College of Music in Boston with childhood friend John Myung (bass), where they met future bandmate Mike Portnoy (drums). While in Berklee they often covered two of their biggest influences, Iron Maiden and Rush.

How many copies did images and words sell?

six hundred thousand copies
Images and Words was a moderate commercial hit, reaching number 61 on the US Billboard 200 chart. It is also Dream Theater’s only album to be certified gold by the RIAA, and remains their best-selling album to date, selling more than six hundred thousand copies.

Who owns neural DSP?

founder Doug Castro
Neural DSP CEO and founder Doug Castro reveals that this was something he considered during the Quad Cortex R&D process. “Creating the tools that would allow for a community to form around the Cortex ecosystem was one of the key things we thought we could do differently,” he says.

Why neural DSP are so good?

What kind of picks does John Petrucci use?

His picks are based on the Jazz III guitar pick. The material that makes Standard Jazz III picks is nylon. However the material used for John Petrucci guitar picks is Ultex.

What type of pick does John Petrucci use?

John uses signature Dunlop picks with Ernie Ball strings.