What are famous Irish sayings?

What are famous Irish sayings?

Here are 15 Irish expressions to break out on St. Paddy’s Day:

  • May the road rise up to meet you.
  • Sláinte!
  • What’s the craic?
  • May the cat eat you, and may the devil eat the cat.
  • Two people shorten the road.
  • Story horse?
  • On me tod.
  • Acting the maggot.

What does yer man mean?

1) Yer man : Pretty much any man that we are referring to for the purpose of a story. For example, “Yer man behind the counter.”. We do not mean that the man BELONGS to you. He’s simply yer man over there. The female equivalent is “yer one”.

What does Janey mean in Ireland?

It means blonde in Irish. Fair hair in the Irish population (pre-viking times) was pretty rare so it makes sense he’d get that as a nickname, just as those with red hair are now rare and might be called Red. Fionn’s real first name was Deimne which in certain dialects is pronounced Janey.

What does AWK mean in Ireland?

Pronounced: Aw-kuh. Meaning: Oh. Awk is used more as a filler word in Northern Ireland, and can be used in any given situation both positively and negatively depending on context. Example: Sinead: Awk, okay.

What do Irish people say to each other on St Patrick’s Day?

The most common way of wishing someone “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” in Irish is: “Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!” The expression means “Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!” and is pronounced: “Law leh Paw-drig suna ghit.”

What is St Patrick’s quote?

Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me. The Lord is greater than all: I have said enough. I am Patrick, a sinner, most uncultivated and least of all the faithful and despised in the eyes of many.

What does a Latchico mean?

An uncouth or aggressive person
nounplural noun latchicos informal, derogatory Irish. An uncouth or aggressive person, typically a man or boy, regarded as being of low social status.

What does Begorrah mean?

begorra. / (bɪˈɡɒrə) / interjection. an emphatic exclamation, regarded as a characteristic utterance of Irish people.

What are the most common Irish sayings?

Among the most common words at these events worldwide are Slainte to Erin Go Bragh, but that’s only the beginning. Here’s a handy list of Irish sayings and their meanings.

What do the Irish not want anyone to wish them?

“The Irish do not want anyone to wish them well; they want everyone to wish their enemies ill.” “The stars make no noise.” “Where the tongue slips, it speaks the truth.”

What do the Irish say to their enemies?

“May the enemies of Ireland never eat bread nor drink whiskey, but be afflicted with itching without the benefit of scratching.” “Continual cheerfulness is a sign of wisdom.” “The Irish do not want anyone to wish them well; they want everyone to wish their enemies ill.” “The stars make no noise.” “Where the tongue slips, it speaks the truth.”

How do you use Irish Blessings in your social media?

Whether you use them at the table for an Irish blessing, shout them to others at the bar, text them to a friend, or post them to an online profile, the choice is completely yours. “May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out.” “Here’s to me, and here’s to you.