What are some Icelandic girls names?

What are some Icelandic girls names?

Most Common Icelandic Girl Names

  • Guðrún.
  • Anna.
  • Kristín.
  • Sigríður.
  • Margrét.
  • Helga.
  • Sigrún.
  • Ingibjörg.

What is the most popular girl name in Iceland?

Most common female names in Iceland 2019 In 2019, the most popular name was Guðrún, with 4,656 individuals bearing the name. Anna and Kristín were the second and third most common female names during the time under consideration.

What are common Icelandic names?

The top 5 most common Icelandic names for women are Guðrún, Anna, Kristín, Sigríður, and Margrét. The top 5 most common names for boys are Jón, Sigurður, Guðmundur, Gunnar, and Ólafur. An internationally friendly name for a boy is Ari, which means eagle and Karitas for a girl, which means love.

Why can’t you name your child Harriet in Iceland?

Similarly, names unable to accommodate the endings required by the nominative, accusative, genitive and dative cases used in Icelandic are also routinely turned down. “That was the problem with Harriet,” said Cardew. “It can’t be conjugated in Icelandic.”

Why do Icelandic names end in dóttir?

Under this system, if your Icelandic Father’s name is Magnus, and you are the son of Magnus, your last name would be Magnusson – this tells people that you are the son of Magnus. If you are the daughter of Magnus, your last name would be Magnussdottir (dottir translates to daughter).

What is the most common surname in Iceland?

Guðrún Jónsdóttir
Because of this, it’s very likely that the most common full name in Iceland is Guðrún Jónsdóttir. Since some Icelanders are named after their fathers, there are also a lot of Jón Jónson’s in the country but they often have second given names, for clarification.

How do Icelanders name their daughters?

Typical Icelandic naming The same practice is used for daughters. Jón Einarsson’s daughter Sigríður’s last name would not be Einarsson but Jónsdóttir. Again, the name means “Jón’s daughter” (Jóns + dóttir). In some cases, an individual’s surname is derived from a parent’s second given name instead of the first.

What is the most common name in Iceland?

The most common name among Icelandic men is Jón, followed by Sigurður and Guðmundur. For women, Guðrún is the most common name, followed by Anna and Kristín.

What is the most popular name in Iceland?

Why do Icelandic women’s names end in dóttir?

If you are the daughter of Magnus, your last name would be Magnussdottir (dottir translates to daughter). The patronymic system means that Icelanders are really a first-name kind of country. In fact, people are listed by their first names in Icelandic telephone books.

Why is the name Duncan banned in Iceland?

The committee refused to accept the names of Duncan and Harriet Cardew—Icelandic-born children of a British father and an Icelandic mother—because their names did not meet the criteria for being added to the registry of approved names.

How are daughters named in Iceland?

The last name of a male Icelanders therefore usually ends in the suffix -son (“son”) and that of female Icelanders in -dóttir (“daughter”). For example, Iceland’s current president is Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, his first name is Ólafur Ragnar and his father’s first name was Grímur.

Why is the name Camila banned in Iceland?

Iceland – Camilla For example, the name ‘Camilla’ is banned because the letter C does not exist in the Icelandic alphabet; the baby would have to be named ‘Kamilla’.

What are the most common girl names in Iceland?

Yrsa: a name meaning “she-bear”. From the pages of history to the modern-day, these are some of the most well-known names for girls in Iceland. 71. Anna: this Biblical name is derived from the name Hannah and means “full of grace”. 72. Ásta: this means “beautiful goddess”.

What do Icelandic names mean to you?

Icelandic people believe strongly in the power of names, and how much they can mean to a person. Usually, in olden times, names would be given to protect and strengthen a child when they were young.

Should You give Your Baby an Icelandic name?

If you’re expecting a new arrival in your home, embracing an Icelandic name could be the perfect way to celebrate the beauty and mystery of Iceland in your family.

What are the most popular names for Icelandic horses?

This title is also a common name for Icelandic horses. Icelandic horses often have popular female names attached to them. 6. Dagny A compelling Icelandic and Old Norse name, Dagny comes from Ancient Scandinavia, and it’s one of the most attractive titles on our list.