What are the aims and objective of child friendly school?

What are the aims and objective of child friendly school?

Child-friendly schools aim to develop a learning environment in which children are motivated and able to learn. Staff members are friendly and welcoming to children and attend to all their health and safety needs.

What is the main purpose of going to school?

The main purpose of attending school is to receive an education that helps an individual throughout every phase of his life. Every day that a student attends school, he has the opportunity to learn something new that can change his life or the life of someone else.

What should a child friendly school aim to achieve?

Why is teamwork important in education?

Teamwork Teaches Communication and Social Skills The most important lesson kids can learn from working together as a team is how to effectively communicate with others. Social skills are useful in almost every situation, and can help people succeed no matter their career or situation.

What is child friendly?

adjective. Welcoming towards or suitable for children; designed with the needs, interests, or safety of children in mind.

What are the aims and objectives of a school?

School Aims We aim to produce an environment that encourages each pupil to develop qualities of self-discipline, organisation, motivation and the enjoyment of working hard which makes them confident and competent members of society.

Why is team work important in school?

Team or group work in a classroom teaches students the fundamental skills associated with working as a collective unit toward a common goal. This type of teamwork introduces a variety of skills that will be valuable for students later in the workforce, such as communication, compromise and collective effort.

What is child friendly city?

A child-friendly city (CFC) is a city, town, community or any system of local governance committed to improving the lives of children within their jurisdiction by realizing their rights as articulated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Participate in family, cultural, city/community and social life.