What are the internal dimensions of a Ford Transit van?

What are the internal dimensions of a Ford Transit van?

INCHES. The interior dimensions (length) of the Ford Transit cargo space is 126″ (L1), 143.7″ (L2), and 172.2″ (L3). The interior width of the Transit van is 70.3″ and the exterior width is 83.2″. The interior height of the Ford Transit is 56.9″ (H1), 72″ (H2), and 81.5″ (H3).

What are the dimensions of a Transit?

Ford Transit exterior dimensions

Ford Transit van size L2H2 L4H3
Exterior height RWD/AWD (mm) 2,447-2,534 2,715-2,778
Exterior width with mirrors (mm) 2,474 2,474
Exterior width with mirrors folded (mm) 2,112 2,112-2,126
Wheelbase 3,300 3,750

How much space is in the back of a Ford Transit?

In the Regular length and Medium height model, you’ll be able to achieve a cargo volume of 315.2 cubic feet. If you have your front passenger seat removed, though, you can have up to 363.8 cubic feet of volume for your cargo.

How wide is the cargo space in a Ford Transit?

Cargo Area Length (Front Passenger Seat Folded): 117.5 inches. Cargo Area Width (At Wheelhouse): 48.7 inches.

How long is a SWB Transit van?

Van dimensions

Body style Height Length
SWB FWD low roof van 2,070mm 4.863mm
SWB RWD low roof van 2,083mm 4.863mm
SWB FWD medium roof van 2,385mm 4.863mm
SWB RWD medium roof van 2,398mm 4.863mm

How long is the cargo space in a Ford Transit van?

Transit Cargo with regular length and low roof height: 18.33 x 8.12 x 6.85 feet. What is this? Transit Cargo with regular length and medium roof height: 18.15 x 8.12 x 8.26 feet. Transit Cargo with long length and low roof height: 19.80 x 8.12 x 6.91 feet.

What is a SWB van?

‘Wheelbase’ describes the width between the wheels, so naturally an SWB van has a shorter width to a long wheelbase. Given the wider centre of gravity, LWB vans are longer, meaning more space, but SWB vans make for easier maneuvering in cities and heavy traffic.

How many feet long is a Ford Transit?

First, you can choose from three length options for your Transit: regular, long, and extra-long. The length of the regular size is between 18.15 and 18.33 feet long. The long size is between 19.63 and 19.80 feet long, and the extra-long is 21.99 feet long.

How much fits in a Ford Transit?

The Ford Transit supports a maximum weight, also known as the payload capacity, of around 3,500 lbs. This varies by model, depending on factors such as rear or all-wheel drive, engine, and even wheelbase. For example: The 2021 Transit Passenger Van T-150 has a payload capacity of 2440-2860 lbs.

How big is an SWB?

Ford Transit SWB dimensions The wheelbase measures 3,300mm and the load area measures 2,946mm at the floor. On the low roof, there is a 10.0 cubic metre load volume and 11.2 cubic metres on the high roof (9.5 and 10.7 cubic metres on the RWD and AWD models).

How big is a SWB van?


Payload: 870KG Metric Imperial
Load Length 2.4 Metres 8ft
Load Height 1.4 Metres 4ft – 9in
Load Width 1.7 Metres 5ft – 6in
Overall Length 4.9 Metres 16ft

What is the smallest Ford Transit?

Transit Connect
The Transit Connect is Ford’s small cargo and passenger van. It lacks engine power, and it’s not especially comfortable, so it’s not a real alternative to regular family minivans (even if its lower price is tempting).

What are the dimensions of the cargo area in a van?

The cargo area is typically between 56.5 and 59 inches in height, and there are 84 inches from the rear door to the driver’s seat on average. Standard minivans measure between 61.5 and 66 inches in width, with 142 to 149 cubic feet of average cargo space.

How long is the cargo space in a Ford Transit?

The long wheelbase and low roof option is 237.6 inches long. With the medium roof and short wheelbase, the cargo van is 217.8 inches long and 100.8 inches tall.

What is a Transit SWB?

The Ford Transit SWB is Britains most popular van and it’s easy to see why. The Ford Transit Short Wheel base is a great van for moving most items. If you’re moving home the Ford Transit will be able to take most of your items with ease. The Ford Transit SWB is Britains most popular van and it’s easy to see why.