What are the names of the dinosaurs?

What are the names of the dinosaurs?

List of Dinosaurs – Dinosaur Names with Pictures 1 List of Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Names with Pictures. 2 Abelisaurus. 3 Albertosaurus. 4 Allosaurus. 5 Ankylosaurus. 6 Apatosaurus. 7 Archaeopteryx. 8 Baryonyx. 9 Brachiosaurus. 10 Brontosaurus.

What was the name of the fish-eating dinosaur?

Baryonyx was a two-legged, fish-eating dinosaur that lived in the early Cretaceous Period. In 1983, amateur fossil collector William J. Walker came across a strange fossil. He alerted the Natural History Museum in London, who realised that he had made an important find.

Who discovered the dinosaurs?

James Parkinson, a surgeon and geologist by profession, found it and named it in 1824. This was before we knew dinosaur existed! The species was 9 meters long and one metric tonne in weight. It was bipedal and a predator who thrived in the mid-Jurassic Era.

What do the Dino names mean?

These will allow you to try your hand at figuring out what some of the dino names mean. Dino: from the Greek Deinos – means Terrible Draco: From the Greek Rakon – means Dragon Hippos: From the Greek Hippos – means Horse Hydro: from the Greek – means Water Ortho: from the Greek Orthos – means Straight Macro: from the Greek Makros – means Large

Huehuecanauhtlus – Its name is Aztec for “ancient duck.” Hungarosaurus – The best-attested ankylosaur ever discovered in Europe. Huxleysaurus – Named after the famous biologist Thomas Henry Huxley. Hylaeosaurus – One of the first creatures ever to be called a dinosaur. Hypacrosaurus – We know a lot about this dinosaur’s family life.

What are some of the weirdest dinosaurs ever named?

Don’t let those big names distract you from peculiar dinosaurs like the Segnosaurus, Sciurumimus, and Sinocalliopteryx. Qantassaurus – Named after the national airline of Australia.

What is the name of a dinosaur with two skulls?

Hippodraco – This “horse dragon” was recently discovered in Utah. Homalocephale – This herbivore had a very flat–and very thick–skull. Hongshanosaurus – This early ceratopsian is known by two skulls. Hoplitosaurus – Named after the heavily armored soldiers of classical Greece. Huabeisaurus – A titanosaur from northern China.

What is the name of a dinosaur with horns?

Nanyangosaurus – An iguanodontid ornithopod of middle Cretaceous Asia. Nasutoceratops – This dinosaur had horns like a modern steer. Nebulasaurus – This “nebula lizard” was recently discovered in China.