What are the synonyms of walk?

What are the synonyms of walk?


  • mosey,
  • perambulate,
  • ramble,
  • saunter,
  • stroll,
  • wander.
  • What is the synonym and antonym of walk?

    verb. ( ˈwɔk, ˈwɑːk) Use one’s feet to advance; advance by steps. Antonyms. ride stay in place activity action activeness disconnect detach. perambulate tramp sneak flounder limp.

    How are you going for a walk synonym?

    What is another word for go for a walk?

    stroll wander
    prowl travel
    tour traverse
    knock around plod
    journey go

    What is the synonym of long walk?

    A long or tiring walk. traipse. hike. trek. trudge.

    Is run a synonym for walk?

    Synonyms | Go, Run and Walk For each word (go, exit, trot, run, hurry, rush, walk, roam, dawdle.) you will find about 10 to 40 synonyms.

    Is walk and stroll synonyms?

    In this page you can discover 30 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for stroll, like: walk, amble, saunter, roam, linger, gait, mosey, wander, range, meander and ramble.

    Are Run and walk synonyms?

    What is a synonym for have a nice walk?

    Synonyms for Nice walk

    • pleasant walk. n.
    • good walk. n.
    • fine walk. n.
    • good path. n.
    • nice turn. n.
    • refined walk. n.
    • beautiful walk. n.
    • bon voyage.

    What is the synonym of stroll?

    Synonyms & Near Synonyms for strolling. sauntering, traipsing, walking.

    What is a leisurely walk called?

    As a noun, a stroll is a leisurely walk.

    Are run and walk synonyms?

    Are run and walk antonyms?

    antonyms for run

    • continuity.
    • standing.
    • walking.

    Is stroll a synonym for walk?

    What word means to walk or stroll?

    Words related to stroll excursion, ramble, amble, cruise, drift, mope, mosey, roam, sashay, saunter, traipse, tramp, wander, airing, constitutional, promenade, turn, gallivant, linger, rove.

    What is a synonym for walking slowly?

    To move or walk lackadaisically. dawdle. amble. loiter. stroll.

    What are two synonyms for stroll?

    Synonyms of stroll

    • amble,
    • constitutional,
    • perambulation,
    • ramble,
    • range,
    • saunter,
    • turn,
    • walk,

    Is stroll synonym of walk?