What are the warning lights on a Toyota RAV4?

What are the warning lights on a Toyota RAV4?

Warning Lights

  • ABS Warning Light [1]
  • Charging System Warning Light [1]
  • Cruise Control Indicator*
  • Electric Power Steering (EPS) Warning Light [1]
  • Headlight high beam indicator.
  • Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light [1]
  • Low Fuel Level Warning Light.
  • Master warning light.

What is the i symbol on my dashboard?

These are Owner Manual Indicator symbols. The ‘open book’ image with a letter ‘i’ in it indicates that the driver should reference the owner’s manual.

What is the orange exclamation light on a Toyota RAV4?

If you have low pressure in any of the tires on your Toyota RAV4, a warning light of an exclamation point inside a tire will appear on the dashboard. This could indicate a potential flat, or just mean you need to refill the tires with more air.

What does the yellow mean on the RAV4?

When a yellow exclamation point in a circle appears on your dashboard, there’s an issue with your parking brake system. This is not as serious, but you’ll want to have a technician inspect your car as soon as possible.

What does an orange I mean on a car?

An orange dashboard warning light means the engine management system – the computer that runs the engine – has detected a fault. You may continue to drive a car with an orange dashboard warning light, but you should head to your local service centre for diagnosis and repair as soon as possible.

What is Toyota slip indicator light?

If the system indicates your tires may be slipping, the slip indicator flashes to indicate that Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and/or Traction Control (TRAC) are operating in order to regain traction. If the light stays on, it could indicate a malfunction in the TRAC/VSC system itself.

A flat tire can ruin your day, so look for the horseshoe-shaped light that features an exclamation point in the center. This warning light indicates that your Toyota’s tire pressure has gotten too low, so you need to visit a dealership or service station to add air.

What does orange triangle with exclamation point mean Toyota?

Seat belt reminder light: It looks like a person wearing a seat belt. This comes on when either the driver or front-seat passenger doesn’t have their seat belt on. Once all belts are fastened, the light should turn off. Master warning light: Appears as an exclamation point inside a triangle.

What does orange light with exclamation mark mean?

Tire pressure warning light This dashboard light looks like a tire with an exclamation point in it and means that the tire pressure in at least one of your tires is low and underinflated. You’ll want to check your tire’s air pressure immediately. You still should check your tire pressure once a month.

What is the orange exclamation light on a Toyota rav4?

How many dash lights are there?

There are well over 100 different dashboard warning lights in use by car manufacturers.

What does exclamation point on Toyota dashboard mean?

tire pressure warning
Suddenly, a yellow Toyota dashboard warning light turns on, and it is an exclamation point. Stay calm and remember this is your tire pressure warning letting you know one of your tires has dropped below recommended air pressure.