What battery for Pentax Espio 928?

What battery for Pentax Espio 928?

CR123A lithium battery
Power: 1x CR123A lithium battery.

What film does Pentax espio 738 use?

Pentax Espio 738 BLACKOUT 35mm Film Camera Point and Shoot.

How old is the Pentax espio 120?

Unveiled in 2001, this Espio was among the more expensive Pentax point-and-shoot models, according to Collection Appareils. It has a compact aluminum body, a 28 mm wide-angle to 120 mm telephoto lens with super multi-coating (SMC), spot AF, and a viewfinder with adjustable diopter.

Is Pentax espio 140 good?

Pentax Espio 140V’s 38-140mm zoom lens image quality. In the ideal light, Espio 140V’s lens is reasonably sharp and has an OK level of contrast. The frames on my film that turned out didn’t need much sharpening or colour correction. The focus looked good — though there was little to no background separation.

What battery does Pentax espio take?

Espio CR2 3V Lithium Battery – 2 Pack.

Is the Pentax espio 738 good?

It’s a very good point and shoot camera with a moderate wide angle zoom lens, good picture quality, nice finish in a pocketable body which is slightly bigger than other cameras. It sets the flash on from start and there is no general flashoff mode, but a night mode and a backlight compensation mode.

What does the E on the Pentax camera mean?

The user manual can be found here: breathtaking | Pentax IQZoom 160 | IQZoom 160 Manual (Page 2) It says “If ( E ) blinks in the LCD panel, it means the film is not properly loaded. Reload the film.”

What battery does Pentax espio 120 use?

There is very little that cannot be handled better by the IQZoom 120, the latest point-and-shoot model from Pentax. The camera requires a CR123 lithium battery (optional).

What film is Pentax espio in?

The Pentax Espio W needs photo film, more precisely 35mm film. 35mm films are still being produced and are developed by most photo laboratories without any problems. A color film for 35mm camera is the Agfaphoto Vista 200 (eBay / Amazon).

What film does Pentax espio 115M use?

Espio 115M/IQZoom115M Type: 35mm fully automatic lens-shutter with built-in zoom lens and auto flash. Film: Auto film speed setting with 35mm DX-coded cartridges from ISO 25-3200.

What is a 3V battery?

3V batteries are small batteries that are capable of providing 3 volts of power to a wide variety of small household electronic devices. They come in two general form factors, button cell, also called coin cell, and CR2. They are generally powered by lithium technology or traditional alkaline battery technology.

What film does Pentax espio 160 use?

35mm films
The Pentax Espio 160 is an auto focus compact camera with a very long zoom range, accepting 35mm films. These are easily available, and will be for many years to come. It’s easy to use, and you can download a copy of the instruction manual (for the IQ Zoom 160) free of charge from the Pentax USA web site.

What battery does a Pentax espio take?

Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications for the Espio Internal Battery. Duracell 3 Volts DLCR2 specialist camera battery….specifications.

PSA VPN VP-2A27W4 (• what’s this?)
Battery Chemistry Lithium , High power, non-rechargable
Voltage 3.0 V
Weight 22 g
Dimensions 27 mm x 16 mm x 16 mm

What does e mean on Pentax espio?

breathtaking | Pentax IQZoom 160 | IQZoom 160 Manual (Page 2) It says “If ( E ) blinks in the LCD panel, it means the film is not properly loaded. Reload the film.” Perhaps the battery is low or the winding mechanism is faulty.

What does S mean on my film camera?

It will either read S (for start) or 0 (zero) if there is no film inside. Second, try turning the film rewind knob or lever on the top or side of your camera, if there is no film inside the camera then it will rotate freely either direction but if there is film inside you will feel resistance in one of the directions.

What battery does Pentax espio use?