What battery replaces PX625?

What battery replaces PX625?

Product Description. WEINCELL (MRB625), REPLACEMENT FOR PX625/PX13 SINGLE BATTERY PACKAGE WeinCells are the only mercury-free, exact-voltage replacements for discontinued 1.35 volt mercury photo batteries.

What battery does Rollei 35 take?

Most Rollei 35 variants use an antiquated PX625 battery which was a mercury battery rated at 1.35V. Since this battery is no longer in production you are left with 3 options in order from cheapest to most expensive. Simply purchase a Wein MRB625 Zinc-Air Battery which is also rated at 1.35V.

What battery does the Canon FTB use?

The meter was designed to be powered by a single 1.35 volt 625-type mercury cell, specifically the Mallory PX-625 and the Eveready EPX-625. While these batteries are obsolete, modern replacements include the Wein zinc-air cell PX625, available at large online retailers.

How long do Wein cells last?

Or you can use a Wein cell and keep plenty of them on hand because you will need them. Expect them to last from three to four months for most cameras. Once the tape is removed they start discharging if the camera meter is on or not.

What battery does a Pentax Spotmatic take?

Silver Oxide cells type SR44, EPX76, V76PX, B-SR444, will all work. At least one of these should be available at your local “Battery Bar” or “Battery World” (or equivalent), and be an exact fit.

Why were mercury batteries discontinued?

Due to the content of toxic mercury and environmental concerns about its disposal, the sale of mercury batteries is now banned in many countries. Both ANSI and IEC have withdrawn their standards for mercury batteries.

Does Rollei 35 TE need battery?

Only the light meter requires a battery. The shutter is mechanical and there are no automatic exposure settings on the Rollei 35.

Does Canon FTb QL need batteries?

Use a zinc-air battery like the MRB625. These are expensive and won’t last as long – you’ll need a new one every few months. Use a 1.5v alkaline battery like the PX625A or LR44 which will require that the lightmeter be recalibrated to the higher voltage but the batteries are much cheaper and will last for ages.

How long do zinc air batteries last in camera?

The 675 zinc air cells are still very economical, even after a sharp price increase a few years ago, and typically last 3-6 months depending on the camera and ambient temperature/humidity.

Can you use Spotmatic without battery?

Yes, the camera is fully mechanical and will operate without batteries.

Does Spotmatic need a battery?

The Pentax Spotmatic does not require a battery voltage (as in the advertised spec’s of the order) of 1.55 V.

Can you still buy mercury batteries?

Today the only types of batteries in the United States that contain mercury are button cell batteries and mercuric oxide batteries. The Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act of 1996 prohibits the use of mercury in all other types of batteries.

Are mercury batteries good?

Worldwide ban on mercury in batteries In order to reduce harmful effects on the environment, measures for a more sustainable future have to be taken. Mercury is, in all applications, very dangerous to the environment, especially when it’s disposed incorrectly.

Is Rollei 35 a rangefinder?

Like the majority of 135 cameras in the 1960s, the Rollei 35 is a viewfinder camera – a rangefinder was not included.

How do I check the battery on my Canon FTB?

Solution. Set the film speed scale to ASA / ISO 100 and the shutter speed dial at “1000”. For setting the film speed, lift up the outer ring of the shutter speed dial and turn. If the meter needle inside the viewfinder swings to the meter index, the battery has sufficient power.