What can I do with a Masters in European Studies?

What can I do with a Masters in European Studies?

European Studies offers you options when you graduate. Most graduates pursue careers in management, marketing, communications, public relations or policy advice in international businesses or organisations.

Why should I study European Studies?

Europe is far and away the largest donor of foreign aid to poorer countries as well, so it is central to our interaction with the developing world too. For you, this web of relationships means incredibly rich opportunities for study and career choices.

What jobs can you get with European studies?

Career Options in European Studies

  • Advertising Consultant.
  • Archivist.
  • Author.
  • Biographer.
  • Cultural Interpreter.
  • Curator.
  • Diplomatic Services.
  • Editor/Publisher.

Is European Studies a good degree?

European Studies graduates possess independent thinking, cultural understanding, research expertise and a range of valuable attributes and skills: Great insight into the unique nature and development of the European Union. A deep knowledge of the impact of EU policies on rural, industrial and regional development.

Is a Masters in European Studies worth it?

European Studies opens up a wide range of career opportunities such as diplomacy, international institutions within the European Union and other government organisations, finance, marketing, law, journalism, publishing, translation and interpreting, teaching and international business. Definitely a worthwhile degree.

What jobs can I do with European studies?

What European studies entail?

European Studies examines the significance of Europe through history, languages, literatures and cultures, focusing on processes of change, including migration, war and integration.

Are European masters degrees recognized in the US?

It’s important to note that these degrees aren’t recognized because they are US institutions that aren’t accredited by approved agencies in the US. This is VERY different than how degrees are viewed from universities in other countries that fulfilled the accreditation requirements within that country.

What do you learn in global studies?

A global studies major is a broad, interdisciplinary social science major. Your classes will cover subjects areas like economics, statistics, political science, history and geography, focusing in on specific cultures and issues within each of these broader categories.

Can I work in USA with European degree?

The short answer is, yes, the majority of US employers will accept your international degree.

Is it worth doing a Masters abroad?

You can study at top universities worldwide One of the main advantages of choosing to do a Master’s abroad is aiming for a highly ranked world university. This means access to better academic education, from reputed professors. It also means going to a foreign university with great facilities and academic resources.

Why should I study Global Studies?

Why study global and international studies? A major or minor in Global and international studies will give you the tools to understand the rapid and profound changes that are occurring internationally and trans-nationally throughout the world and across various regions.

What kind of job can you get with an international studies degree?

Specific jobs include:

  • Foreign Service Official / Diplomat.
  • Foreign Area Specialist.
  • International Relations Specialist.
  • Activities Coordinator.
  • Translator.
  • Intelligence Agent.

Are European Masters recognized in the US?

Does a foreign degree still have value?

A foreign degree is most often worth nothing unless it is evaluated to the US equivalency. A diploma does not mean anything to an employer or an admissions officer if he or she is not familiar with the language and meaning of what it says.

Is doing a masters in Europe worth it?

By doing your master’s degree abroad, you have a chance to broaden your horizons. You’ll learn to socialize with many international students from various countries and backgrounds, creating long-lasting friends and professional contacts. You’ll also learn to communicate better across cultural and language barriers.

What is European and Global Studies?

The Master’s program in European Global Studies stands out for its comprehensive approach to the study of European societies. It combines methods and theories of law, economics, history and the social sciences to examine Europe in its global context, especially in its relationships to Africa and Asia.

Is international and Global Studies a good major?

The International and Global Studies degree provides a broad understanding of world affairs and competence for entry-level positions in the field. Students learn how to conduct research and receive professional development training to prepare them for careers such as those in government, non-profit or business.

What is the Advanced Master in European Integration Programme?

This Advanced Master in European Integration is an interdisciplinary evening programme that will offer you insights from different angles (economics, political sciences, law and sociology) on how Europe works.

What is the MA in advanced European and International Studies?

– The Master in Advanced European and International Studies. This is the diploma of CIFE as a private institute of higher education, certifying the successful completion of the academic curriculum and granting 60 ECTS at Master level.

What is the Specialized Master in EU Interdisciplinary Studies?

The Specialized Master in EU Interdisciplinary Studies is a 60-credit course in English organized by IEE-ULB. The uniqueness of this Specialized Master lies in its interdisciplinarity. This specialized programme aims for a reflection on European political, economic, social and legal integration issues.

What is the tuition fee for the Master of Advanced European Studies?

The overall tuition fee for the Master of Advanced European and International Studies – European integration and Global Studies – amounts to 8,900 €. – The Master in Advanced European and International Studies.