What channel is NPR radio Illinois?

What channel is NPR radio Illinois?

Reporting from in and around Illinois. Listen to Statewide across Illinois in: Bloomington/Normal – WGLT 89.1 (Fridays 11 a.m. – Noon, Sundays 6-7 a.m.) Carbondale – WSIU 91.9 (Fridays 2-3 p.m. and Sundays 6-7 a.m.)

How do I get NPR on my car radio?

Vehicles equipped with Android Auto can launch into NPR One by simply connecting their Android device to their car. Use Voice Actions on Android to launch into NPR in the car with, ‘Ok Google, Listen to NPR. ‘ CarPlay adds NPR One connectivity to 100 models across over 20 major car brands.

What station is WBEZ in Chicago?


Chicago, Illinois
Broadcast area Chicago metropolitan area
Frequency 91.5 MHz (HD Radio)
Branding WBEZ 91.5

How to find NPR?

Visit the NPR.org home page. Across platforms, NPR.org offers a broad range of NPR and Member Station audio. Play your station live (click “Live Radio”), or listen to our regular Newscast updates (click “Our Picks”), programs, podcasts and music.

What channel is NPR on in Chicago?

Illinois NPR Member Stations

Station City Frequency
WBEZ-FM Chicago 91.5
WNIU-FM DeKalb 90.5
WSIE-FM Edwardsville 88.7
WNIE-FM Freeport 89.1

Where is my NPR station?

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What’s the NPR station in Chicago?

How do I listen to WBEZ?

Listen to WBEZ 91.5 FM You can access WBEZ 91.5 live on air any time by tapping the Listen Live button at the top of the page on wider screens, or the “Live” icon at the bottom of the screen on narrower screens. This action will display the player bar and start the livestream.

What is the difference between NPR and NCR?

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What is NPR stand for?

National Public RadioNational Public Radio / Full name
National Public Radio (NPR), the public radio network of the United States. Based in Washington, D.C., NPR offers a broad range of high-quality news and cultural programming to hundreds of local public radio stations.

What number is WBEZ on the radio?

91.5 FM
Listen to WBEZ 91.5 FM, WFMT – Chicago Classical and Folk Music Radio 98.7 FM and Many Other Stations from Around the World with the radio.net App.

Is NPR owned by the government?

National Public Radio (NPR, stylized in all lowercase) is an American privately and publicly funded nonprofit media organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. (often called the “mothership” of NPR), with its NPR West headquarters in Culver City, California.

How many NPR stations are there in the United States?

List of NPR stations 1 Arkansas 2 California 3 Connecticut 4 Delaware 5 New Hampshire 6 North Carolina. Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

What are the radio stations in Chicago?

see also Chicago Radio History FREQ CALL LETTERS CITY OF LICENSE STATION NAME AND SLOGAN OWNER FORMAT 88.1 WCRX-FM Chicago 88.1 FM WCRX Chicago’s Underground Columbia College College 88.3 WXAV-FM Chicago SXU Student Media St. Xavier University College 88.5 WHPK-FM Chicago WHPK 88.5 FM Chicago University of Chicago College 88.7 WLUW-FM Chicago

What are the NPR radio stations in North Carolina?

List of NPR stations. Jump to navigation Jump to search This is a list of NPR radio stations North Carolina; Asheville: WCQS: 88.1 FM Atlantic Beach: WBJD: 91.5 FM Buxton: WBUX: 90.5 FM Chapel Hill: WUNC: 91.5 FM College Station: KAMU: 90.9 FM College Station: KEOS: 89.1 FM Commerce: KETR: 88.9 FM Corpus Christi: KEDT: 90.3 FM

What are the best Polish radio stations in Chicago?

Polskie Radio Polnet Communications Ethnic 1340 WJOL-AM Joliet WJOL Alpha Media Talk 1390 WGRB-AM Chicago WGRB iHeartMedia Gospel 1490 WPNA-AM Oak Park WPNA Chicagoland’s International Choice Polish National Alliance Polish 1530 WCKG-AM Elmhurst 1530 WCKG Dupage Radio, LLC Talk 1690 WVON-AM