What costumes did they wear on the Today show?

What costumes did they wear on the Today show?

Once upon a time, the Today show cast donned all sorts of fun fairytale outfits as part of their Halloween extravaganza. Among the fairy-tale characters were Pinocchio (Meredith), Cinderella (Ann), the Gingerbread Man (Al), Little Red Riding Hood (Hoda), the Big Bad Wolf (Kathie Lee), and Rapunzel (Amy Robach).

Who dressed up Today show?

2018. Today went totally ’80s for Halloween 2018, with the entire crew dressing up as movie characters like Doc (Al Roker) and Marty McFly (Dylan Dreyer) from Back to the Future as well as Ferris Bueller (Willie Geist), plus music stars like Cyndi Lauper (Savannah Guthrie) and Madonna (Kathie Lee Gifford).

Who is Hoda dressed up as?

Today show’s revered host sported a blonde wig and a black and silver sequin dress. For those who couldn’t put two and two together, Hoda was portraying Carrie Underwood, the voice behind Waiting All Day For Sunday Night theme song for NBC’s Sunday football coverage.

What did the Today Show dress up as for Halloween 2021?

Today Show Hosts Tackle an NFL Theme for Halloween 2021 — Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and More! It’s officially spooky season on the Today show! Ahead of Halloween on Sunday, the NBC morning news show hosts embraced the holiday spirit with a group costume inspired by the Super Bowl of the NFL.

Who is Al Roker’s costume 2021?

The Weeknd
Al Roker dressed up as The Weeknd for his 2021 Halloween costume on NBC’s “Today” show. SUNY Oswego alumnus Al Roker is ready for the weekend. The “Today” show weatherman dressed up as The Weeknd, recreating the singer’s Super Bowl halftime show look during a segment tying in NBC’s NFL coverage with Halloween costumes.

What is Hoda dressed as for Halloween?

Hoda Kotb donned a blonde wig and sequin dress, portraying Carrie Underwood AKA the voice behind “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night,” the theme song for NBC Sunday football coverage. Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager were equally dolled up, dressed as Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

What were the Today show cohosts’ Halloween costumes?

The Today show cohosts went all out with their Halloween costumes on Friday, October 29, honoring a “Football Fright in America” theme. “What’s not to love?” Carson Daly asked when Savannah Guthrie said that she “love [d]” football on the morning show. “Beer, fans, fun.”

What do the Today Show anchors dress up as on Halloween?

Dressing up on Halloween is a tradition on the Today show. The anchors looked like ‘80s icons in 2018, following this up with an “Everybody Dance” theme in 2019. In October 2017, the NBC personalities went country, performing at an outdoor concert alongside some of the A-listers they were dressed as.

What does Kathie Lee Kotb look like in her Halloween costume?

Kotb donned a long, blonde wig, sparkly dress and heels as Sunday Night Football theme song singer Carrie Underwood. In a behind-the-scenes video of their Halloween theme prep, Kotb, 57, joked, “There are not enough Spanx in the world for this!”