What county is ZIP code 10014 in?

What county is ZIP code 10014 in?

New York County10014 / County

How many zip codes are in NYC?

New York Zip Codes | List of 214 Zip Codes in New York, New York.

What is the zip code of Manhattan New York?

New York City Zip Codes

10001 Manhattan 10451
10020 Manhattan 10469
10021 Manhattan 10470
10022 Manhattan 10471
10023 Manhattan 10472

Is the West Village a good place to live?

One of New York’s most beloved and desirable neighborhoods, the West Village is full of charming streets, great food, and trendy nightlife. The West Village has a below average violent crime rate and an average property crime rate for New York City.

Do buildings in NYC have their own zip code?

Getting all that mail to where it needs to go is a monumental task that relies on the ZIP code system. Interestingly enough, there are 42 buildings in Manhattan that have their own zip codes.

What does Bed Stuy stand for?

Bedford Stuyvesant’s
Bedford Stuyvesant’s name is from two middle-class communities in 19th century Brooklyn. Originally, there was Bedford (to the west) and Stuyvesant Heights (to the east). The neighborhood is often nicknamed Bed- Stuy.

What kind of people live in West Village?

WHO LIVES IN West Village? Actors, designers, fashion gurus, people in the music biz – this is a neighborhood that inspires and attract all these creative types. The cozy neighborhood atmosphere, great parks, and good elementary school make this a favorite home for families.

Does Central Park have its own zip code?

Each of the twelve Central Park neighborhoods has its own unique style. Within the city of Denver’s 80238 zip code, Central Park has its own identity.

Which NYC building does not have its own zip code?

One World Trade Center
Having a unique zip code doesn’t directly correlate to the size or population of a given building—One World Trade Center, for example, is the city’s tallest building yet does not get its own ZIP.