What crew skill makes the most money SWTOR?

What crew skill makes the most money SWTOR?

Easiest way to make money off your crew skills is to load up on gathering skills. More specifically, Slicing, Archeology, Scavenging, and Bioanalysis. Get them to 700 and sell them in bulk. If you want to do it the hard way, the most reliably profitable crafting is in crafting Augments.

How do I get more crew skills in SWTOR?

How to level up your Crew Skills. The Gathering Skill level rises as you gather materials or send your companions to complete missions. The Mission Skills can only be leveled up by sending your companions to complete missions.

What crew skills go with Cybertech in SWTOR?

The two gathering crew skills that go with Cybertech crafting are Underworld Trading and Scavenging, which allow you to gather the materials to craft Cybertech items, so go speak to the Underworld Trading and Scavenging trainers in the next room, which is marked by the symbol of a hologram star.

Is slicing profitable Swtor?

Slicing is currently the most profitable gathering skill, producing profit in actual credits for almost every mission you send your companion on.

What skills do you need for Cybertech?

Cybertech is a crafting crew skill. Cybertechs can craft droid armor, earpieces, grenades, ship upgrades, gadgets, and item modifications such as enhancements, and mods. They can reverse engineer their crafted items and item modifications, except grenades, and possibly discover new ways to improve their creation.

Is Biochem useful Swtor?

Biochem is often considered the most ‘useful’ skill as they can craft re-useable medpacs, stims and adrenals at a high level that only Biochemists can use. They can also craft implants, which are a bit difficult to get at lower levels, if you’re looking for some.

Is Biochem a good major?

Yes, biochemistry is a good major. A major in biochemistry requires having a curious mind and being interested in studying life and chemical processes.

What are the different crew skills in SWTOR?

SWTOR has three different types of crew skills: crafting, gathering and mission. Crafters actually create items from the materials acquired from the gathering skills, who roam about in the world and access these materials via nodes. Mission skills depend solely on sending companions out to complete a task, in which they will fail or succeed

Where is the slicing trainer in SWTOR?

Slicing is practically SWTOR’s version of hacking. By accessing computer systems and lockboxes found out in the world, you are able to gather credits and sometimes schematics. You can find the Slicing Trainer (Fratch) in the Crew Skills section of Fleet on the outer ring.

How many crew skills can I level up?

With fourteen different crew skills, subscribers are allowed access to three of these skills at once per character (F2P only have access to two), and can level up these skills to 700, with each tier offering more valuable crafting materials or better statistics on crafted items.

Where can I find the crew skills trainers?

The Crew Skills trainers are located on Coruscant for Galactic Republic players and Dromund Kaas for Sith Empire players, as well as the Republic and Imperial Fleets.