What does depot maintenance mean?

What does depot maintenance mean?

That maintenance performed on materiel requiring major overhaul or a complete rebuild of parts, assemblies, subassemblies, and end-items, including the manufacture of parts, modifications, testing, and reclamation as required.

What maintenance job pays the most?

The Highest Paid Jobs in Mechanical Maintenance

  • Diesel Mechanics. Diesel mechanics maintain the engines of vehicles that run on diesel fuel, such as buses, 18-wheelers and construction vehicles.
  • HVAC Mechanics.
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics.
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanics.
  • Aircraft Mechanic salary.

What is a career in maintenance?

A maintenance technician career includes creating a repair plan and providing a quote to the customer prior to executing the plan. General maintenance and repair workers order parts and disassemble and reassemble objects as necessary. General maintenance and repair workers often clean and provide upkeep on buildings.

Is Depot a maintenance level?

The depot-level maintenance of aircraft consists of in-depth maintenance that is beyond the capability of maintenance staff at aircraft’s operating locations—for example, disassembly, inspection, repair, rebuilding, repainting, and flight testing.

What are depot-level repairs?

Depot‑level repair is the most sophisticated level of maintenance. Depot‑level repair consists of repairing a major end item, such as an aircraft or a ground vehicle, by performing repairs (when economical) and replacement of parts on the system.

What is a maintenance man called?

A maintenance person, also known as general maintenance worker, repair worker, handyman or repair technician, is responsible for keeping buildings, shops or equipment in good repair.

Where is depot level maintenance performed?

Depot, or D-level maintenance typically occurs in highly specialized repair depots, or at original equipment manufacturer (OEM) facilities. These sites are typically not at operating locations, and extensive diagnostic equipment and possibly even manufacturing capabilities exist.