What does down the stretch mean NBA?

What does down the stretch mean NBA?

In these contexts, “down the stretch” means “approaching the end” (it’s about something happening near the ending or conclusion). It’s most commonly used in sports.

What does it mean down the stretch?

: the final straight part of a racecourse before the finish line the horses are in the (final) stretch —often used figuratively She’s in the final stretch. The baby’s due next month. They will wind up the season with a winning record having won some crucial games down the stretch.

What is waive and stretch NBA?

“Stretch” Provisions If a team elects to do so, the player’s remaining protected compensation is stretched over twice the number of years remaining on the contract plus one more year. If a team waives a player on or after September 1, then the current season’s salary cannot be stretched and only future seasons will be.

Who started stretch 4?

During the 1995 Western Conference semifinals, Houston Rockets Coach Rudy Tomjanovich had never heard the term “stretch-4,” because it had not entered the basketball vernacular. The phrase “pace and space” did not exist.

What is the meaning of down the street?

Definition of down the street : some distance away on the same street our neighbor down the street.

Do NBA players get paid when hurt?

As long as they got injured in a sports-related way, all NBA players get paid while injured. They have guaranteed contracts, which means they get their money no matter what. In fact, some players have made millions without seeing the court. They may lose some bonuses, however.

What does a stretch 5 mean?

Players who have the same play style as stretch fours but play the center position are called stretch fives.

What NBA players are stretch fours?

The best stretch fours in NBA history

  1. Dirk Nowitzki. PTS. REB. AST. STL. BLK. 20.7. 7.5. 2.4. 0.8. 0.8.
  2. Chris Bosh. PTS. REB. AST. STL. BLK. 19.2. 8.5. 2.0. 0.8. 1.0.
  3. Kevin Love. PTS. REB. AST. STL. BLK. 18.2. 11.1. 2.4. 0.7. 0.5.
  4. Kristaps Porzingis. PTS. REB. AST. STL. BLK. 18.4. 7.6. 1.4. 0.7. 2.0.
  5. Robert Horry. PTS. REB. AST. STL. BLK. 7.0. 4.8. 2.1. 1.0. 0.9.

What does down the hall mean?

down the hall: at the end of the corridor.

What’s the difference between up the road and down the road?

In almost all cases, it’s correct to use “down the street.” However, if the street is on a hill, use “up the street” when talking about something that is further uphill, and “down the street” when it’s further downhill.

What does the NBA MVP get for winning?

The winner receives the Maurice Podoloff Trophy, which is named in honor of the first commissioner (then president) of the NBA, who served from 1946 until 1963. Until the 1979–80 season, the MVP was selected by a vote of NBA players.

What is a stretch 4 in basketball?

In basketball, a stretch four (sometimes called a stretch big) is a player at the power forward position that can generate offense farther from the basket than a conventional power forward.

Who was the first stretch big?

Dirk was the league’s first elite stretch-big. He helped inspire a movement that makes it OK for a player like Karl-Anthony Towns to shoot four 3s in a quarter. In a league that has evolved, Dirk was one of the renegades.

What does walking down the hall meaning?

Look at the definition of “down” as a preposition here. “He is walking down the street” will mean “He is walking along the street”. “He lives down the hall” will mean “He lives on the same floor, along the hallway, a few doors away.” Follow this answer to receive notifications.

What does walking the halls mean?

“Walk the Halls” is similar to “Management by Wandering Around,” or “MBWA,” a term coined by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman in their book In Search of Excellence. Walking the Halls is all about getting out of your office, getting to know the people you are responsible for leading and listening to them.

What does down the stretch mean?

Down the stretch is originally a term from horse racing. And down the stretch they come! is famously said by the announcer in calling a horse race right before the finish. It’s probably the last chance for them to jockey for position for the big finish..

What are dynamic stretches in basketball?

These dynamic stretches must mimic the specific movements of basketball in order to be truly effective. Butt kick runs, leg swings and walking lunges are examples of dynamic stretches that should be included in your pre-game warm ups.

What are the benefits of stretching for basketball players?

Stretching can provide many benefits to basketball players including improved performance and injury prevention. There are two types of stretching that are beneficial to basketball players, dynamic and static.

How can I stretch my lower back for basketball?

The lower back is often a neglected area when it comes to stretching. The lower back plays a vital role in linking the kinetic chain from the lower limbs up through the core which should be prioritized in warm up . A simple warm up such as Spine Trunk Rotations can help mobilize your lower back in preparation for the demands of basketball.