What does ECOA Code A mean?

What does ECOA Code A mean?

Authorized user
A: Authorized user – A joint account where the borrower is an authorized user, but has no contractual responsibility.

What is ECOA Code S on a credit report?

S – Signer For accounts marked with “S,” you are the cosigner, but the primary borrower is not a spouse. Also, you are liable for the account if the primary borrower defaults.

What does ECOA Code 7 mean?

7. Maker: Party is responsible for the account; a cosigner guaranteed the account. T. Terminated: Party is no longer associated to the account; do not report. W.

What does R1 mean on a credit report?

What does an R1 mean on a credit report? An R1 credit rating is the best rating you can have as it indicates to creditors that you will pay back funds in the shortest amount of time, typically within a month. This score signifies your reliability but takes time to establish.

What does C mean on Equifax credit report?

Account is closed
6: 150-179 days overdue. X: 180+ days overdue. C: ‘Account is closed’ A: ‘Not associated’ R: ‘Not reported’ – the bank or credit provider didn’t provide payment history for this period, which is a fault with the credit provider, not necessarily you as an account holder.

What is the Regulation B?

Regulation B prohibits creditors from requesting and collecting specific personal information about an applicant that has no bearing on the applicant’s ability or willingness to repay the credit requested and could be used to discriminate against the applicant.

How do I read my Equifax credit report code?

24 Month History – Status codes for up to 24 months: 1=on-time payment, 2=past-due up to 2 months, 3=past-due up to 3 months, etc. (The most recent month is at the left.) 15. INQS – Company name, Equifax member number and dates of recent credit inquiries.

What does B mean in credit report?

If you see a code “B” this means there was a payment change and no other code is applicable. Each of the reporting companies uses a different code series.

What does R1 mean on credit report?

What is an R2 on a credit bureau?

A rating of R2 indicates that you had a late, 30-day payment. Simply put, this means you missed a payment. While this by itself is not conclusive, combined with other items on your credit report it could tell the creditor an opinion regarding your credit worthiness.

What is ECOA and Reg B?

The ECOA and Regulation B allow creditors to establish special-purpose credit programs for appli cants who meet certain eligibility requirements. Generally, these programs target an economically disadvantaged class of individuals and are autho rized by federal or state law.

What is Grade A credit?

The A credit grade generally reflects having a “good” credit score or higher (typically 700 or above) according to the FICO rating systems and others. 1 Sometimes, lenders will designate an additional “A+” for borrowers with the highest scores.

What does R1 mean on credit bureau?

What does R7 mean on credit report?

The debt will be coded as an R7 which means you have entered into an arrangement to settle your debts with your creditors. A perfect credit rating is an R1, and bankruptcy is an R9, so a proposal is sometimes viewed as slightly better than a bankruptcy.

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What is an ECOA code for joint accounts?

ECOA Codes A: Authorized user- A joint account where the borrower is an authorized user, but has no contractual responsibility. I: Individual account- An account solely for this borrower. B: Borrower’s account- An account solely for the borrower.

What are ECOA-mandated codes?

“ECOA” stands for Equal Credit Opportunity Act, which was enacted by Congress in 1974 to prohibit discrimination in lending. ECOA-mandated codes appear on credit reports and are designed for nondiscriminatory identifications/categorization of an account. Code examples: “I” is an Individual account, “J” is a Joint account, “A” is an Authorized user.