What does fractionalization mean in economics?

What does fractionalization mean in economics?

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ethnic fractionalization (EF) deals with the number, sizes, socioeconomic distribution, and geographical location of distinct cultural groups, usually in a state or some otherwise delineated territory.

What is liquid volume fraction?

In chemistry and fluid mechanics, the volume fraction φi is defined as the volume of a constituent Vi divided by the volume of all constituents of the mixture V prior to mixing: Being dimensionless, its unit is 1; it is expressed as a number, e.g., 0.18.

What is ethnic fractionalization?

Ethnic fractionalization refers to individuals within a country belonging to many different cultural, linguistic, and/or religious groups. Greater ethnic fractionalization may lead to higher rates of patronage and political instability.

How is fractionalization measured?

The traditional measure of ethnic fractionalization is given by the probability that two randomly drawn individuals from the population belong to two different groups. Its theoretical maximum is reached (at the value of 1) when each person belongs to a different group.

What is another word for Fractionalizing?

What is another word for fractionalization?

separation division
bifurcation sundering
disunion breakup
cleavage severance
rupture detachment

What is historical fractionalization?

The ethnic fractionalization index corresponds to the probability that two randomly drawn individuals within a country are not from the same ethnic group.

What is isotopic formula?

Isotopic number is defined as “the number of neutrons minus the number of protons in an atomic nucleus.” Number of protons = atomic number (given by the letter Z) Let us use N for the number of neutrons Then isotopic number = N – Z A = mass number, which is equal to number of neutrons + number of protons A = N + Z A – …

How is ethnic fractionalization calculated?

What is religious fractionalization?

Fractionalization measures are computing the probability that two randomly drawn individuals are not from the same group . This list is based on the analysis of Alesina and others,they develop fractionalization scores based on ethnicity, religious and linguistic data directly from the Encyclopædia Britannica lists.

What does fractionally mean?

1 : of, relating to, or being a fraction. 2 : of, relating to, or being fractional currency. 3 : relatively small : inconsiderable. 4 : of, relating to, or involving a process for separating components of a mixture through differences in physical or chemical properties fractional distillation.

What is opposite mercy?

Merciless is the antonym, or opposite, of “merciful.” If a person shows no mercy or pity, she is merciless.

What is ethnic Polarisation?

An ethnic polarization index is a measure of the extent to which individuals in a population are distributed across different ethnic groups.

What is meant by fractionalization in chemistry?

Fractionalization can be understood as deconfinement of quasiparticles that together are viewed as comprising the elementary constituents. In the case of spin–charge separation, for example, the electron can be viewed as a bound state of a ‘ spinon ‘ and a ‘ chargon ‘, which under certain conditions can become free to move separately.

What is the volume fraction of a solution?

The volume fraction coincides with the volume concentration in ideal solutions where the volumes of the constituents are additive (the volume of the solution is equal to the sum of the volumes of its ingredients).

What is the formula to find volume?

Volume = π × h (R 2 – r 2) Use π = 3.14. How to use the volume formulas to calculate the volume.

How to memorize the formula for the volume of a cylinder?

Memorize the formula for the volume of a cylinder. To calculate the volume of a cylinder, you must know its height and the radius of the circular base (the distance from the center of the circle to its edge) at the top and bottom.